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An e-ticket, also known as an electronic ticket, is an electronic document that contains the details of your flight ticket, like a unique confirmation number issued by the airline for the booking you have made. You can find this unique number on the bottom of your E-ticket page issued by Goibibo. It is important to carry a print-out of the e-ticket along with a valid photo-id proof at the time of flight check-in.
No, currently we do not have this facility. However, you can call our call-center to check before booking.
Not currently. However, there are some great discounts and deals on our offers page. Have a look at Goibibo/offer sand you might find a great offer just for you.
Make sure they have valid proof-of-age documents when they're checking in, and remember that infants must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years old. You can book no more than one infant per adult.
Signing up is very easy. You can click on the 'sign up' link on the top menu bar at Goibibo, or while booking a ticket you will be automatically prompted to signup. It is important that you register with us so that you can conveniently check your complete booking history for all your travels that you have made with Goibibo. This will include your booking amounts, refunds processed, cancelations and amendments done, and past as well as future travel details. This information can be viewed in the tab "My Bookings".
  • You can make your booking using any of the following payment options :-
  • Credit Card (Visa and Master Card)
  • Debit Card
  • Diners Club International
  • Net Banking
  • Maestro Card
  • EMI (CITI Bank)
Goibibo is a VeriSign certified site and all data transmitted over the browser is encrypted.
A direct flight is a point to point (city to city) flight that is either non-stop or has one or more intermediate stops, but without any change of aircraft.
An indirect flight is one where stop-overs via intermediate cities are involved. Indirect flights involve change of aircraft and often a change of terminal. It is not permitted to break your journey in a transit city.
A transit airport is one where you land for a break in your journey. You may or may not change aircrafts at the transit airport but you will definitely not be able to leave the airport when you're in transit. Your itinerary will give you the details about the duration of transit time. Booking Flight Tickets

Booking Flight Tickets

Yes, you can book flight tickets for infants less than two years of age. To avail the infant fares, the infant must be under 24 months of age throughout the entire itinerary that you're booking. This includes both outbound and return journeys. If the infant is 24 months or above on the return journey, you need to make a separate booking using a child fare.
A maximum of 9 seats can be booked at one time. If you need to book for more than 9 travellers you can do so with a new booking for the additional travellers.
Please convey your special request to our customer service agents. We'll have to contact the airline directly before we can confirm your request. We can place a meal request/ seat request/ bassinet seats request and wheelchair requests with the airline. All special requests are subject to confirmation from the airline and in some cases may be chargeable as per airline policy.
The highlighted discount next to every searched flight is already deducted from the total fare. For Example, if your ticket price is INR 4000 and the highlighted tag suggests a discount as INR 50, in this case, the indicated amount has already been discounted while arriving at your ticket price.
Clear your browser cache and try the search again. If you still don't get any flight results, it may either be because we can't find flights for that route or because there's no availability of flights for your dates. We request to enter any other suitable date of travel and book your tickets.
We currently do not have an option of entering the frequent flier number at the time of booking domestic flights. However, we can certainly pass on your frequent flier number to the airline. Just call us as soon as you book your ticket and tell us your trip id and your frequent flier number.
We're really sorry for the inconvenience. Please don't worry. We'll call you within four hours and complete this booking offline. We suggest you do not try booking again as you may end up getting charged twice. If you want to tell us your issue go to and we'll help you fix this immediately.
Goibibo doesn't do pre-seating. Some airlines will confirm your seat assignments - their rules vary for doing so. Call your airline directly to check whether you get to choose your seat.
We e-mail you your e-ticket within 30 minutes of your booking on the same e-mail address you mentioned at the time of booking.
As soon as your ticket is reserved, you will get an email and an SMS with your flight details from us. You can also check the status of your booking in 'My Bookings' section of . To avoid our mails landing into your junk / spam folder, make sure you add our email id in your safe list.

After I have Booked my Ticket

It is mandatory to carry a government issued photo identification (ID) proof along with the E-Ticket copy. The same is verified by the airport security as well as the airline at the check-in counter. On presenting your photo ID proof and E-Ticket copy, your boarding pass will be issued. For international flights, your passport is the only valid photo ID proof that will be accepted. In case of an infant travelling, it is mandatory to carry the birth certificate of the infant along with the ticket. It is not mandatory to carry the credit/debit card that was used to make the payment at the time of the booking.

In case of international travel, each passenger must ensure that they carry a relevant visa, transit visa (if applicable), immigration clearance and travel with a passport, with a validity of at least 6 months as on date of travel.

You need to show the print out of your e-ticket with your e-ticket number at the check-in counter. The airline representative will issue your boarding pass at that time.
Yes, it's very important. Some airports don't allow you inside without a printout of your e-ticket, so be sure to carry one with you. If you've forgotten your e-ticket printout but can get to a computer, login to your Goibibo account print yourself a copy.

If this happens, email us immediately and we'll help you process a lost ticket application. In most cases, the airline will require you to purchase replacement tickets at "today's" fare, meaning that day's current published fares. Our travel specialist will facilitate the sale of these tickets.

If your original paper tickets aren't used within a designated period of time (usually 3-4 months, depending on the airline), you'll receive a credit for the purchase price of the replacement tickets, after deducting an application fee (which, again, varies by airline). These policies and fees are subject to change at any time. Ask our Customer Care Executive for the most recent information for your airline's replacement ticket rules and policies. We're bound by these rules, so we strongly suggest you keep your paper tickets safe to begin with.

It depends on the airport you are flying from.

Your terminal will be mentioned in the e-ticket. If not mentioned, please call our call center to confirm before your journey.

Yes. The airline and airport authorities may or may not check your ID proof but we strongly recommend that you carry a government-issued photo-id proof with you whenever you fly.

Sign in to your Goibibo account. Go to "My Bookings". The 'Status' column will tell you if the refund has been processed.

Airline Business Class Economy Class Infant
SpiceJet Not applicable 15 kg 0 kg
JetLite Not applicable 15 kg 0 kg
Jet Airways 20 kg 15 kg 0 kg
IndoGo Not applicable 15 kg 0 kg
Go Air Not applicable 15 kg 0 kg
Air India First Class – 40 kg Executive Class – 35 kg
Economy Class – 15 kg
0 kg

In case of international travel, cabin and checked-in baggage allowance varies from airline to airline and is also based on the destination you are travelling to. To find out the exact baggage allowance, please call our customer service agent on 09213025552 and 18002669900.

In case of domestic travel, Goibibo requests you to arrive at the flight counter at least 2 hours prior to departure.

In case of international travel, please arrive at least 3 hours prior to departure.

Changes in Flight Booking

Give us a call and let us know your existing booking details. We'll take care of the rest of the booking.

You can call us to check if the airline you've booked with entertains change-of-name requests. Most of them do, and we can pass on your request. However, if the airline doesn't allow it, you'll have to cancel and re-book the ticket.

Yes, just enter the details of the passengers you want to book for when you're asked to enter traveller-details at the time of booking.

The airline doesn't allow name change on the ticket, you'll have to cancel and re-book the ticket. Airline cancellation charges and Goibibo cancellation fee applicable.

Just call us and tell us your PNR number. We'll find out if your airline supports title change and if it does, we'll pass on your details to them. If the airline doesn't allow title change you'll have to cancel and then re-book the ticket with the correct title.


In a few rare cases the booking status may be reflected as 'Manual'. This implies that the ticket booking is still under process. In this scenario refresh your browser after 15 minutes, and if the status doesn't change call us to verify the booking. We shall execute your booking on phone.

Just login to your Goibibo account using the e-mail id you provided us while booking and your password. On the "My Bookings" page you'll be able to access all your completed and upcoming travel records.

If you've forgotten the password, you can use the 'Forgot password' feature and reset it.

Log on to "Eticket / Voucher" at the top bar on Goibibo. Enter your Booking ID / PNR you'll be able to see your e-ticket. Print it or e-mail it.

Cancellation / Refund

In a few rare cases the booking status may be reflected as 'Manual'. Cancellation of tickets can be done either by logging on the Goibibo account (online) or by calling on the customer care number toll free number (offline). To cancel the tickets online, Users shall have to complete the following procedure:
  • i. Log onto Kotak Mobile Application
  • ii. Click on 'Cancel/Reschedule' button at the top
  • iii. Enter your Booking ID / PNR and submit
  • iv. Select "cancel online for express refunds"
  • v. A confirmation of cancellation will be sent via SMS and e-mail to the user.
  • vi. The User can cancel either his/her entire booking or partial booking.
  • vii. Partial cancellation (Cancellation of One Segment) or segment change is not permitted for Discounted Return Fares.
  • To cancel the tickets offline, call the customer care numbers 09213025552 / 1-860-2-585858between 9 AM to 9 PM, 7 days a week.

    Cancellation of tickets within 24 hours of the flights:

    • The User will have to contact the nearest airline office (of the concerned airline) to get his/her reservation cancelled. Goibibo is in no way responsible to ensure that the ticket shall be cancelled and the sole liability to confirm the same with the airline shall lie with the User.

If the flight you booked got cancelled, you are entitled to a full refund, in most cases. We request you to cancel your booking online first, by following the steps outlined in the question above. Once you have done this, please write to us at along with your PNR number and if you mention that your flight was cancelled, we will make sure you get a full refund, after verifying the same with the airline.

If you've forgotten the password, you can use the 'Forgot password' feature and reset it.

Send us a scanned copy of your E-Ticket endorsed by the airlines. Goibibo shall charge Rs.250 per sector per passenger as a cancellation service fee over and above the individual airline cancellation fee.

For all refundable class tickets, the airline cancellation fee is charged per sector per passenger. All charges for individual airlines are given below on per sector per passenger basis. Please note that cancellation charges are subject to change by the Airline at its sole discretion and without notice to Company. The cancellation charges may be verified at the time of cancellation with the airline by the User. Company shall in no way be held responsible or liable in case of any change in the below table. The below cancellation charges are valid only for domestic travel.

Airline Cancellation Charge
IndiGo Rs.1500
SpiceJet Rs.1500
JetLite Non-Refundable/Refundable charges would vary from INR 1053 to INR 2100 based on booking class
Go Air Rs.1500
Air India Charges vary from (INR 1053 — INR 1579), based on booking class
Jet Airways Non-Refundable/Refundable charges would vary from INR 1053 to INR 2100 based on booking class
Air India Express
Within 48 Hrs
>48 Hrs and <= 11 Days
>11 Days
100% of Ticket Price
Upto 60% of Ticket Price (Depending on Sectors)
Upto 40% of Ticket Price (Depending on Sectors)

In addition to the above cancellation charges, Company will charge a standard cancellation charge of Rs.200 per person per sector in case of online cancellation and Rs.250 per person per sector in case of offline cancellation. The aforesaid amount of Rs.250 per person may be changed by Company at its sole discretion and without notice to the User. The User shall be responsible to check regularly on the Site Goibibo to see if there has been any change in the same. For all non refundable class tickets, the airline cancellation fee will be equal to base fare or Rs.950, whichever is higher. This is not applicable on any promotional fares offered by airlines as cancellations charges for those will depend on the promotional offer. Each airline has promotional fares also where this cancellation policy does not apply.

In case of international travel, every booking made is subject to cancellation charges levied by the airline, which may vary by flight and booking class, in addition to Rs.500 which are the Company cancellation charges. The cancellation fee is charged per passenger.

Cancellation can be done only 24 hours prior to the flight with us. All cancellations done within 24 hours of flight time will have to be coordinated by the traveller directly with the respective Airline.

All refunds are processed by the method of payment used in the initial transaction. Once you have cancelled your booking, the refund is processed by Goibibo within 10 business days (weekends not included). An e-mail confirmation of the refund amount will be sent to the email address given to us at the time of booking.

However, for the amount to reflect in your bank or credit card account is dependent on the time taken by your bank thereon. For any discrepancies and delays, kindly check directly with your bank or credit card company. Where the User has cancelled his/her booking directly with the airlines, he/she will need to inform Goibibo with valid documentation to initiate the refund process. It is advisable to contact Goibibo within 48 hours of the cancellation request. Any later would require the User to send a scanned copy of your E-Ticket endorsed by the airlines to Goibibo.

We're extremely sorry for the delay. Write to us at and let us know your concern. Someone will get back to you pretty soon.

Sign in to your Goibibo account. Go to "My Bookings". The 'Status' column will tell you if the refund has been processed.

Amendment of Flight Tickets

You can change the date or time (or both) of your travel; you cannot, however, change the sector(s) on which you're already booked. For example, if you're booked on a flight from Mumbai to New Delhi, you can't change your destination to Goa.

All amendments come at a fee that varies from airline to airline. In addition to this fee, Goibibo charges an amendment handling fee of Rs.250 per passenger per sector in case of both offline and online amendments. Goibibo will collect these charges from the User when he / she make change in the travel plan. Goibibo will also collect the difference in fare, if any, applicable when the amendment is made. This means every airline has a different amendment policy. Over and above this, Goibibo charges Rs.250 per person per segment. (It means Customer call up the call centre to reschedule and Rs.250 will be charged by Goibibo over and above the airline charges (It means customer goes to our website and passes the request).

Please note that any Amendment and Cancellation can be done only 24 hours prior to the flight with us. All cancellations done within 24 hours of flight time, will have to be coordinated by the traveller directly with the respective Airline.

We'll email your amended tickets within 60 minutes of making the change to the email address you used for the original booking.

You'll have to call our customer service department to cancel amended tickets. Standard cancellation charges shall be applicable.

Goibibo Mobile Booking

Yes. Just log on to through your mobile and proceed with the usual booking process. We offer a fully safe and secure payment process even on mobile booking.

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