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Chandigarh to Raipur Flights

Airfare Calendar of Cheap Air Tickets for Chandigarh to Raipur Flights for next 30 days

01 NovRs. 16825Jet Airways
02 NovRs. 15460Jetkonnect
03 NovRs. 10811Jet Airways
04 NovRs. 8660Jet Airways
05 NovRs. 8057Jetkonnect
06 NovRs. 13367Jet Airways
07 NovRs. 8353Jet Airways
08 NovRs. 8660Jet Airways
09 NovRs. 15438Air India
10 NovRs. 10811Jet Airways
11 NovRs. 9563Air India
12 NovRs. 6614Air India
13 NovRs. 6603Jet Airways
14 NovRs. 5323Air India
15 NovCheck Now
16 NovRs. 8597Air India
17 NovRs. 8660Jet Airways
18 NovRs. 6603Jet Airways
19 NovRs. 5323Air India
20 NovCheck Now
21 NovCheck Now
22 NovRs. 6603Jet Airways
23 NovRs. 6603Jet Airways
24 NovCheck Now
25 NovCheck Now
26 NovRs. 5323Air India
27 NovRs. 5323Air India
28 NovRs. 4903Jet Airways
29 NovRs. 4903Jet Airways
30 NovCheck Now
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Cheapest Airfare

Cheapest airfare from Chandigarh to Raipur in the next 30 days is Rs. 4903 for Jet Airways flight on Nov. 28, 2014 + 1 more day.

Average Airfare

Average airfare from Chandigarh to Raipur is Rs. 8641. There are many airlines which provide connecting flight from Chandigarh to Raipur like Air India, Jetlite, Jet Airways etc.

Weekend Airfare

On weekends, airfare for Jetkonnect flight is Rs. 15460. Similarly airfare for Air India flights is between Rs. 8597 to Rs. 15438, airfare for Jet Airways flights is between Rs. 4903 to Rs. 16825

Flights before 12 noon

Jetlite S24237 Chandigarh to Raipur flight at 08:10, Jet Airways 9W2237 Chandigarh to Raipur flight at 11:45, Jetlite S23237 Chandigarh to Raipur flight at 11:45 etc.

Chandigarh to Raipur Flight Schedule

Following is a list of Chandigarh Raipur flight schedules of all big and small airlines traveling on the Chandigarh Raipur Route. The list includes details of the departure and arrival time, name of airlines flying on the Chandigarh Raipur route, frequency of the flight and the flight number. You may book your tickets with us at the cheapest rates as per your need and flight schedule.
  • FromToAirlineFlight No.Depart - Arrive.Days
  • ChandigarhRaipurJetliteS2423708:10 - 18:25DailyJetlite flight no. S24237 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 08:10
  • ChandigarhRaipurJet Airways9W223711:45 - 18:15Daily Ex SatJet Airways flight no. 9W2237 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 11:45
  • ChandigarhRaipurJetliteS2323711:45 - 18:15Daily Ex SatJetlite flight no. S23237 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 11:45
  • ChandigarhRaipurJetliteS2504012:00 - 08:30Mon Sun SatJetlite flight no. S25040 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 12:00
  • ChandigarhRaipurJetliteS2390212:00 - 17:20DailyJetlite flight no. S23902 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 12:00
  • ChandigarhRaipurJetliteS2508212:15 - 19:05DailyJetlite flight no. S25082 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 12:15
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  • ChandigarhRaipurJet Airways9W265812:40 - 18:15DailyJet Airways flight no. 9W2658 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 12:40
  • ChandigarhRaipurJetliteS2365912:40 - 20:00Fri SatJetlite flight no. S23659 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 12:40
  • ChandigarhRaipurJetliteS2365812:40 - 18:15DailyJetlite flight no. S23658 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 12:40
  • ChandigarhRaipurJetliteS2579312:45 - 13:35Wed Tue Thu SunJetlite flight no. S25793 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 12:45
  • ChandigarhRaipurJet Airways9W46912:45 - 19:05Wed Tue Thu SunJet Airways flight no. 9W469 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 12:45
  • ChandigarhRaipurJet Airways9W803214:40 - 18:15SunJet Airways flight no. 9W8032 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 14:40
  • ChandigarhRaipurJet Airways9W265217:15 - 18:15DailyJet Airways flight no. 9W2652 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 17:15
  • ChandigarhRaipurJet Airways9W251618:10 - 09:30DailyJet Airways flight no. 9W2516 with 1 stop from Chandigarh to Raipur at 18:10
  • ChandigarhRaipurJet Airways9W712508:10 - 18:25DailyJet Airways flight no. 9W7125 with 2 stops from Chandigarh to Raipur at 08:10
  • ChandigarhRaipurJetliteS2324810:00 - 18:15Mon ThuJetlite flight no. S23248 with 2 stops from Chandigarh to Raipur at 10:00
  • ChandigarhRaipurJet Airways9W224810:00 - 18:15Mon ThuJet Airways flight no. 9W2248 with 2 stops from Chandigarh to Raipur at 10:00
  • ChandigarhRaipurAir IndiaAI86311:25 - 08:20DailyAir India flight no. AI863 with 2 stops from Chandigarh to Raipur at 11:25
  • ChandigarhRaipurJet Airways9W265912:40 - 18:00SatJet Airways flight no. 9W2659 with 2 stops from Chandigarh to Raipur at 12:40
  • ChandigarhRaipurJetliteS2365217:15 - 08:55DailyJetlite flight no. S23652 with 2 stops from Chandigarh to Raipur at 17:15
  • ChandigarhRaipurJet Airways9W707617:25 - 08:55DailyJet Airways flight no. 9W7076 with 2 stops from Chandigarh to Raipur at 17:25
  • ChandigarhRaipurJetliteS2323517:25 - 17:55Mon Wed Tue ThuJetlite flight no. S23235 with 2 stops from Chandigarh to Raipur at 17:25
  • ChandigarhRaipurJetliteS2423517:25 - 12:45DailyJetlite flight no. S24235 with 2 stops from Chandigarh to Raipur at 17:25
  • ChandigarhRaipurJetliteS2351618:10 - 09:30DailyJetlite flight no. S23516 with 2 stops from Chandigarh to Raipur at 18:10

About Chandigarh

Chandigarh, located at the foothills of the Shivalik Range, is referred to as “The City Beautiful”. The city is said to be the Post-India’s first planned city with its carefully set out parks, elegant structures and awesome buildings. Ever since its inception, the city has always been at the top of the chart in the list of the cities with highest per capita income. The city was incorporated as a union territory in the year 1966 and is managed by the central Government ever since. Chandigarh, the cleanest city in India is the capital of two states Haryana and Punjab. Chandigarh is also called as a city of creative people and artistic monuments. Most of the locals in the city are Punjabi speaking. People of the city are an example of coolness and broad mindedness. With their jovial nature and motto of ‘live the lives to the fullest’ they deeply influence the city’s environment with warmth and friendliness making its city worth a visit. The city also offers many tourist destinations to its visitors. Some of them includes Open hand monument , Capitol complex, Rose Garden, Government museum and art gallery, the international doll museum and many others. The city has seen a surge of IT companies in the past couple of decades. The city is well connected to all major cities of India via its airport. You can book your flight tickets from Chandigarh city to Raipur city through Goibibo.com travel portal. It has all the information on the domestic airport and our flight schedule will help you get the best deals on lowest airfare.

Chandigarh Airport Address

Airport Name: Chandigarh Airport
Address: Chandigarh
Telephone: +91 – 172 – 2659886
Fax: +91 – 172 – 2659887
E-mail: apdchd@aai.aero
Country: India

About Raipur

Raipur is the capital city of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. It is the main headquarters of the Raipur district. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘Rice bowl of India’ due to hundreds of varieties of rice cultivated in the area. The city is very famous and important from the historical and archaeological point of view. The city is extremely well connected to all parts of the country with rail, road and air. This adds to the delight of the tourists. It was a part of the southern Kosal and was under the Mourya Kingdom. The city has a very famous temple of Hatkeshwar Mahadev which was constructed on the banks of river Kharun in 1402 AD. You can book cheap air tickets from to Raipur city from Chandigarh city. You can also book cheap flight tickets from many other cities to Raipur through any of the major domestic airlines such as Air India, Spice Jet, Jet Airways, MDLR airways, IndiGo, Go Air, Kingfisher, Paramount Airways and others. The cuisine of Raipur has its own sonnet and you can get delicious and tasty food items at every trendy point of Raipur. Raipur has kept a rapid pace in the industrial and commercial phase and has become a giant in coal, power, Plywood, Steel, Aluminium industries. Apart from history and industries, Raipur is also a major education hub having institutes like National Institute of Technology Raipur, Indian Institute of Information Technology Raipur, All India Institute of Medical Sciences Raipur. The major tourist attractions of the city are Mahant Ghasidas Museum, Guru Tegh Bahadur Museum, Sushilpikangan - The Art Gallery, Rajiv Smriti Van and Urja Park (Energy Park) etc.

Raipur Airport Address

Airport Name: Swami Vivekananda Airport / Raipur Airport / Mana Airport
Address: Swami Vivekananda Airport, Raipur – 492015 (Chhattisgarh)
Telephone: +91 – 771 – 2418167
Fax: +91 – 771 – 2418168
Email Id: apdrpr@aai.aero
Country: India
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