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Vadodara to Hyderabad Flights

Airfare Calendar of Cheap Air Tickets for Vadodara to Hyderabad Flights for next 30 days

25 NovRs. 8104Jetkonnect
26 NovRs. 8773Jet Airways
27 NovRs. 9222Jetkonnect
28 NovRs. 8839Jet Airways
29 NovRs. 9222Jet Airways
30 NovRs. 8503Air India
01 DecRs. 8104Jet Airways
02 DecRs. 6845Jet Airways
03 DecRs. 6845Jet Airways
04 DecRs. 8503Air India
05 DecRs. 8104Jet Airways
06 DecRs. 6430Jet Airways
07 DecRs. 6614Air India
08 DecRs. 6614Air India
09 DecRs. 5323Air India
10 DecRs. 6614Air India
11 DecRs. 6430Jet Airways
12 DecRs. 6467Jet Airways
13 DecRs. 5323Air India
14 DecRs. 5249Jet Airways
15 DecRs. 6467Jet Airways
16 DecRs. 6614Air India
17 DecRs. 6467Jet Airways
18 DecRs. 5323Air India
19 DecRs. 6467Jet Airways
20 DecRs. 6467Jet Airways
21 DecRs. 5439Jet Airways
22 DecRs. 6467Jet Airways
23 DecRs. 6467Jet Airways
24 DecRs. 6467Jet Airways
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Cheapest Airfare

Cheapest airfare from Vadodara to Hyderabad in the next 30 days is Rs. 5249 for Jet Airways flight on Dec. 14, 2014.

Average Airfare

Average airfare from Vadodara to Hyderabad is Rs. 6959. There are many airlines which provide connecting flight from Vadodara to Hyderabad like Air India, Indigo, Jetlite etc.

Weekend Airfare

On weekends, airfare for Air India flight is between Rs. 5323 to Rs. 8503. Similarly airfare for Jet Airways flights is between Rs. 5249 to Rs. 9222

Flights before 12 noon

Jet Airways 9W345 Vadodara to Hyderabad flight at 11:05, Jetlite S23910 Vadodara to Hyderabad flight at 07:25, Jet Airways 9W342 Vadodara to Hyderabad flight at 07:30 etc.

Vadodara to Hyderabad Flight Schedule

Following is a list of Vadodara Hyderabad flight schedules of all big and small airlines traveling on the Vadodara Hyderabad Route. The list includes details of the departure and arrival time, name of airlines flying on the Vadodara Hyderabad route, frequency of the flight and the flight number. You may book your tickets with us at the cheapest rates as per your need and flight schedule.
  • FromToAirlineFlight No.Depart - Arrive.Days
  • VadodaraHyderabadJet Airways9W34511:05 - 20:30DailyJet Airways flight no. 9W345 with no stops from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 11:05
  • VadodaraHyderabadJetliteS2391007:25 - 14:15DailyJetlite flight no. S23910 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 07:25
  • VadodaraHyderabadJet Airways9W34207:30 - 12:20DailyJet Airways flight no. 9W342 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 07:30
  • VadodaraHyderabadAir IndiaAI82008:35 - 19:15DailyAir India flight no. AI820 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 08:35
  • VadodaraHyderabadJetliteS2504611:05 - 20:45DailyJetlite flight no. S25046 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 11:05
  • VadodaraHyderabadJet Airways9W734511:10 - 20:50DailyJet Airways flight no. 9W7345 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 11:10
More Resultsadvanced options
  • VadodaraHyderabadIndigo6E21212:15 - 16:35DailyIndigo flight no. 6E212 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 12:15
  • VadodaraHyderabadJet Airways9W282115:00 - 20:40Daily Ex SunJet Airways flight no. 9W2821 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 15:00
  • VadodaraHyderabadJetliteS2382115:00 - 20:55Daily Ex SunJetlite flight no. S23821 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 15:00
  • VadodaraHyderabadJet Airways9W205815:55 - 11:30DailyJet Airways flight no. 9W2058 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 15:55
  • VadodaraHyderabadJetliteS2305815:55 - 20:35DailyJetlite flight no. S23058 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 15:55
  • VadodaraHyderabadJet Airways9W46115:55 - 20:35DailyJet Airways flight no. 9W461 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 15:55
  • VadodaraHyderabadJetliteS2574816:20 - 18:45DailyJetlite flight no. S25748 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 16:20
  • VadodaraHyderabadIndigo6E48318:15 - 22:35DailyIndigo flight no. 6E483 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 18:15
  • VadodaraHyderabadJet Airways9W34419:00 - 20:35DailyJet Airways flight no. 9W344 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 19:00
  • VadodaraHyderabadAir IndiaAI960719:10 - 15:15MonAir India flight no. AI9607 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 19:10
  • VadodaraHyderabadJetliteS2391219:15 - 20:45DailyJetlite flight no. S23912 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 19:15
  • VadodaraHyderabadAir IndiaAI962020:45 - 12:00Daily Ex SatAir India flight no. AI9620 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 20:45
  • VadodaraHyderabadJetliteS2303421:10 - 11:20FriJetlite flight no. S23034 with 1 stop from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 21:10
  • VadodaraHyderabadJetliteS2439107:35 - 16:30Daily Ex TueJetlite flight no. S24391 with 2 stops from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 07:35
  • VadodaraHyderabadAir IndiaAI990714:25 - 08:50ThuAir India flight no. AI9907 with 2 stops from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 14:25
  • VadodaraHyderabadJet Airways9W203421:10 - 08:40FriJet Airways flight no. 9W2034 with 2 stops from Vadodara to Hyderabad at 21:10

About Vadodara

Located in the Indian state of Gujarat, Vadodara is known as the industrial capital of Gujarat. The city had been ruled by the Marathas. It was the dream of Maharaja Sayajirao III to make Baroda an educational and a commercial centre. The ruler worked towards his dream and hence the city is also called as Sayaji Nagari (Sayaji City). The city of Vadodara is also a tourist destination and across the years has pulled many foreign tourists too. Some important places of interest in the city are Laxmi Vilas Palace, Maharajo Sayajirao Univeristy of Baroda, Aurbindo Asharam, Kirti Mandir, Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum and Sayaji Baug. Vadodara is a culturally rich city and Navratri or Garba is the city’s largest festival. Diwali, Holi and Eid are also celebrated with great enthusiasm. Vadodara boasts many refineries and is a major centre for petrochemical and oil sector. A lot of large scale industries and public sector companies have their manufacturing units in the city. The city is the entry point for the Golden Quadrilateral and is hence called the Gateway to the Golden Quadrilateral. Vadodara can be reached by Air, Road and Rail. Vadodara Airport at Harni is located north east of the city. It has direct connectivity to Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad and a few international destinations. Vadodara International Airport is under construction and will be operational soon. Our travel portal empowers a user to book tickets online at a click of a mouse button. Tourism industry has expanded widely in Gujarat due to Vadodara’s constant development and progress in building up and maintaining tourist spots.

Vadodara Airport Address

Airport Name: Civil Airport Harni
Address: Harni, Vadodara, Gujarat 390006
Email: apdvadodara@aai.aero
Country: India

About Hyderabad

The city of smiles, of lights, of thousand faces, affectionately called the Pearl City, Hyderabad offers one with a host of do to activities. Occupying more than 500 square kms along the banks of Musi River, Hyderabad comprises of a population of over 6.8 million which makes it the fourth most populated city in India. The city was an autonomous state of south-central India from 1724 until 1948, headed by a hereditary Nizam and dominated by hilly terrains, tanks, forests, and rock formations; Bhagyanagar being the original name of the city which (meaning the city of good fortune) was later changed to Hyderabad. This majestic city presents a beautiful composition of old world charm together with the high spirits of growth and enterprise. Hyderabad offersa range of tourist attractions ranging from Heritage monuments, Lakes, Gardens, Museums and Resorts to delicious cuisine and a delightful shopping experience. For the traveller, this city renders a platter full of the past, with a richly blended cultural and historical tradition spanning 4 decades of colourful years. Hyderabad is a city with many personalities and is a heritage city with many historical sites. It has emerged as a global hub for the IT industry as embodied by Hitec City which is situated in the town’s outskirts. Hyderabad proudly flaunts many tourist attractions. The Charminar, Mecca Masjid, Laad Bazaar, Golconda Fort, Taramati Baradari are to name a few. The city has an excellent network of roads and is very well connected by trains, buses and air. Hyderabad airport is the world’s fifth best airport for Airport service quality in its category. Our travel portal can be accessed to book online flight tickets to any destination across the world.

Hyderabad Airport Address

Airport Name: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Address: Shamshabad, Airport Rd, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500409
Tel: +91-40-6676 4000.
Website: http://www.hyderabad.aero/
Country: India
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