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Buddhist Stupa, Amaravathi


Buddhist Stupa is the great stupa at Amaravathi by chance came under attention in the year 1796, when a particular king planned to construct a new capital at a place called Amareswaram. While excavating at this place, the workers hit upon a few bricks and some white stone pieces having carvings on them. These were the remnants of the antique stupa. In due course of time, the place was developed and new stone pillars and railings were made.

Ultimately, the surface of the stupa was enclosed with wonderfully engraved white limestone slabs, akin to marble. The fence around the stupa and the four gateways were also bedecked with carved limestone slabs. While a few of the carvings and sculptures were purely attractive, others had idealistic suggestions and try to narrate the tale of the life of Buddha. The fences and gateways of the stupa had numerous inscriptions imprinted on them.

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