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Best time to visit Agra

Agra Map

Winter Season in Agra

Winters are the best time to visit Agra. The season starts here from the month of November and lasts till March. The temperature can touch even 2°C mark during the peak time while the average temperature ranges in between 8 to 14 degree Celsius.

Monsoon Season in Agra

Agra receives very low amount of rainfall as compared to the surrounding region as it lies in the semi-arid region. An annual average rainfall remains at about 400 millimeters.
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Best time to Visit Agra

The abode of one of the 7 wonders of the world, the majestic Taj Mahal, Agra is the most busy tourist destinations even during its off season. Well truly speaking one who has the heart to travel he or she doesn’t worry about best time to visit Agra. If you have time in hand, just pack your bag and visit this culutural city that still reflects the hues of Mughals from its traditional cuisines, arts and jewelleries other than the medieval architectures of Agra Fort and Fatehpur Shikri. Still if you dig into its peak season when the sandstone alleys are jam-packed with both international and domestic tourists, then from October to March is the best time when you can drive your leg muscles. The climate in Agra is generally hot and dry throughout the year except during the winters when the temperature in Agra drops down to 7 degree to a maximum of 15 degree during the daytime.

The temperature in Agra in October and November cuddles in between 15 degree to 20 degree whereas it falls to 10 degree in December and sometimes the temperature in January drops to 5 degree. It is during this time of the year when Agra climate welcomes tourists from distant parts of the world. Nonetheless from February the temperature starts to rise up to a high of 25 degree that roves in the range of 27 degree and 32 degree till March.

The temperature in Agra in April hops and soars to 40 degree and during May it reaches to its extreme point at 42 degree and sometimes to 45 degree that prolongs till June unless the first drops of monsoon.

Monsoon is occasional but it generally starts from July and continues with occasional rainfall till September. During this period the temperature nestles and ranges between 25 degree and 35 degree.

Summer Season in Agra

Summer in Agra starts from the month of March and lasts till June. The season is very warm with a temperate climate. The temperature ranges between 25°C and 46°C in the region. The period is somehow good for sightseeing, temple visiting and exploring the nearby places.

Events / Festivals in Agra

Holi: It is one of the widely celebrated festivals in Agra that represents the vibrancy of the city. Holi is celebrated with full zest and zeal and the environment becomes much livelier during this festival. The festival gives the message of unity and brotherhood to every person this world.

Ramnavami: This popular festival is falls in the month of March/April and is among the major festivals of the city. It is the birthday of Lord Rama, which is celebrated with great passion, vigor and devotion.

Diwali: The festival of Diwali is celebrated the people by lights, fireworks, and greetings in this beautiful city and is one of the major festivals in Agra.

Accommodation in Agra

Tourists visiting Agra do not find much difficulty in getting a proper accommodation here as the city comprises a number of hotels and guest houses. The hotels in Agra offer a lot of comfort to their guests. Be it luxurious, deluxe or normal cheap hotels, all are available here. Some of the famous hotels in Agra include ITC Mughal, Oberoi Amarvilas, Trident Hilton, Hotel Taj Resorts, Laurie's Hotel and Hotel Mandakini Villas. The tourists will definitely enjoy staying at any of these hotels.

Agra Weather

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