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Best time to visit Bengaluru

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Summer Season in Bangalore

Though summers of south India are considered to be less warm and dry in comparison to north India. Hence most preferable months to visit Bangalore would be from March to May as during this period you can see maximum temperature rise up to 38°C which offers only mild climate.

Monsoon Season in Bangalore

As monsoon arrives first in South India hence you can visit this city between the months of June- August as during this time climate remains rainy and cool as temperature fall to 28°C. Heavy winds and sprinkling water makes this city a beautiful place.

Winter Season in Bangalore

During the winter season Bangalore city remains freezing as temperature falls below 10°C during this season and best months to visit this city during winter season will be from November to February.

Best Time To Visit Bangalore

Often dubbed as the silicon valley of India, Bangalore being the largest IT exporter in India has developed as one of the leading metro cities and is today considered as the third largest populous city in India. The capital city of Karnataka that was once under the control of Vijayangara Empire and the Wodeyar Dynasty, romps a mild climate throughout the year. Encircling India’s eminent historical and architectural sites, Bangalore is often picked up as a gateway to the imbues of medieval period that is beautifully patched in the Indian state of Karnataka. Corporate travellers and even tourists doesn’t play a grim when to visit Bangalore but often it is seen that tourist traffic soar up in the months of October, November, December that prolongs to February. Thus the best time to visit Bangalore is generally during the winters when the temperature roves in between 15 degree to 20 degree and hardly falls below 12 degree.

The temperature in Bangalore in October and November nuzzles at 18 degree to 22 degree whereas it drops to 15 degree in December. Bangalore climate continues to be mild even during January when the other metro cities, especially Delhi is experiencing a chilling weather. The temperature in Bangalore in February and March cuddles between 17 degree to 20 degree.

The weather in Bangalore keeps up its proximity at clemency even during the summers when rest of India is experiencing temperature above 40 degree. The temperature in Bangalore in April and May roves in between 25 degree and to a maximum of 35 degree whereas it drops to a minimum of 20 degree and maximum of 27 degree during the monsoon.

So, if you are planning to Bangalore then be there between October and February and you will surely rejuvenate to the hilt.

Events / Festivals in Bangalore

Bangalore Habba is a cultural festival of Bangalore which include artist from various backgrounds like dance, theatre, music, sports and film panorama who display their talents in this festival. Lots of participants come to this festival of national and international origin to showcase their talents in respective fields. On traditional side you can attend the harmonious festival of Lakshmi Puja which held in August. This traditional goes way back to Vedic ages when it started and celebrated in an enthusiastic manner. Karaga an oldest of all festivals which is celebrated by the people of Bangalore in which they worship Goddess Shakti and after completion of all the rituals the idols of Goddess Lakshmi will be immersed in Sampangi tank.

Bangalore Luxury Hotels

Bengaluru, a buzzing metropolitan and multicultural city, is home to several shopping centres and also the prime IT hub of the country.

Bangalore Business Hotels

For business travellers heading to Bengaluru, there are several luxurious and budget business hotels catering to their business requirements. 

Resorts in Bangalore

Bangalore is popularly known as the IT Capital of India and also the Garden City of India. The two names represent a paradox and yet the city justifies both in true sense. The city unfolds big corporates as well as grand parks that add to its beauty distinctly.

​About Bangalore

Now called Bengaluru, Bangalore is the capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka. The city is well-known for giant IT and corporate hubs, pleasant climate, developed transport system, cosy cafes and craft-beer brewing joints. 

Bengaluru Weather

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