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Bhavnagar Map

Events / Festivals in Bhavnagar

Mahashivratri:It is one of the main festivals in Bhavnagar. It is celebrated with great show. On this occasion, people especially go to the Takhteshwar temple to offer their prayers. All night long 'jagrans' are held to impress the gods.

Navratri:It is celebrated in the month of September/October. The people enjoy themselves by playing garba and dandiya with their loved ones.

Accommodation in Bhavnagar

There are numbers of hotels and resorts at the place where tourists can rest after a day of exploration and expedition. Some of the popular hotels are Lords Resort, Nilambagh Palace Hotel, Narayani Heritage, Jubilee Hotels Pvt Ltd., Hotel Apollo, Bluehill Hotel and the list goes on. All these hotels provide the basic facilities to the tourists to relax comfortably. TV, AC, heater are some of the basic facilities that help tourists have a comfortable stay. Tourists also get diverse cuisines to taste the unique and special dishes of the place.

Hotels in Bhavnagar

Formerly the capital of the princely Bhavnagar state way back in the 18th century, the city of Bhavnagar is situated approximately 200 kms away from Gandhinagar. Currently, it is the administrative headquarter of Bhavnagar district. It is known as the cultural capital of the region of Saurashtra. The city that has had trade links with Southeast Asia, Africa, Arabia as well as other ports Red sea since the 18th century. Due to its high significance from the industrial point of view, Bhavnagar witness a number of business travellers alongwith leisure travellers who come down to visit an array of attractions.

Monsoon Season in Bhavnagar

By the end of June rainfall sets in and ushers in monsoons. The monsoon at the place bring enjoyable atmosphere after the hot climate. The monsoon season remain as it is from July till September. The humidity during this time remains high.

Summer Season in Bhavnagar

Summers in the town of Bhavnagar sets in the month of March and lasts till the month of June. The maximum temperature that is recorded at the place is about 40°C. The least temperature recorded is about 25°C. The month of June has highest temperature and it sometimes experiences heavy rainfall.

Winter Season in Bhavnagar

Winter season starts from the month of October and stays till the month of January. The lowest temperature that is recorded is about 12°C. The maximum temperature reaches up to 32°C.


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    October - May
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