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Best time to visit Chennai

Chennai Map

Winter Season in Chennai

Winter season begins in the month of December and continues till February. The average temperature during this season is around 18°C. Chennai is often hit by cyclones from Bay of Bengal in the months of November and December.

Monsoon Season in Chennai

The months from June to August receive heavy rain falls and strong winds.

Summer Season in Chennai

Summer season begins in the month of March and continues till May. Summers are really hot and humid with maximum temperature going to 40°C.

Best Time to Visit Chennai

Chennai is nestled on the south east coast of India and roles in the tropical zone. The assemblage of these two makes Chennai weather extremely hot and humid. During the summers, the temperature goes as high as 45 °C whereas it drops to around 30 °C during the night. On an average, the temperature in Chenni hops in between 28 °C to 32°C. However, because of heavy rainfall Chennai dwells a somewhat pleasant climate round the year. So far, you might have acquaint with Chennai’s climatic stature that winter season that is from November to February, is the best time to visit Chennai when one can rejuvenate and relish the beholding endowments. The weather in Chennai at this time copes to fulfil a joyous and merriment moment amongst the tourists and residents alike.

Even during the winters one is going to bump upon the occasional rainfall which eventually cuddles the trip memorably and romantically. During daytime, the cool breeze from the sea provides respite from the otherwise warm weather. The temperature in Chennai in November and December snuggles in between 17 degree to 20 degree and during January it prevails a mild temperature at a minimum of 15 degree. However, one needs to backpack a few things like raincoat or an umbrella to scute oneself from the occasional rain. It is during the winters when one can even indulge in a festive mood.

The weather in Chennai roves in between 20 degree to 25 degree during February and March whereas it starts to soar to 30 degree to 35 degree in April that continues to rise to 40 degree in May. During the monsoon the temperature again drops to an average of 30 degree that prolongs till September.

Events / Festivals in Chennai

Pongal- This three day festival in Chennai, is celebrated to mark harvest. It is celebrated in the month of January, for the purpose of giving thanks to Earth, Sun god and cow. The paddy sheaves, turmeric, pulses, vegetables and freshly prepared jiggery are served to the earth, sun god and cow. The family members of various families gather near an earthen pot in the early morning time. The milk in the pot boils over and signifies the prosperity, which is then followed by shouts of "Pongalo Pongal".

Arubathimoovar- The festival is celebrated at the Kapileshwar temple in Mylapore in Chennai. This festival marks the worship of 63 saints of Shiva, known as Nayanmars. These 63 saints devoted their whole lives in the worship of lord Shiva. There are bronze idols of these 63 saints in the Kapileshwar temple. This temple is built in beautiful Dravidian architecture, and has a gopuram which is finely designed. The festival celebrated in the months of April and May has huge procession of the idols of these saints on the streets at Mylapore.

The Tourist Fair- The Travel and Tourism fair is held in the month of January when the people of Chennai get respite from the hot weather. The festival is celebrated at Island grounds in Chennai, and is organized by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation. The fair offers a great opportunity for amusement and leisure to the people. The stalls and counters at the fair are the centre of attraction as one can get great bargains at these stalls. This festival gives the visitors an insight into the culture of the state of Tamil Nadu. The fair has the aim to promote the rural products and items of the state of Tamil Nadu.

Chennai Music and Dance Festival- This festival is celebrated at various locations in Chennai. Held in the months of December and January, the festival is meant to showcase and preserve the South Indian classical dance and music. Several temples, auditoriums, and heritage Bungalows serve as the venue. Different organizations and Sabhas organise these festivals at different locations.

Accommodation in Chennai

Tourists can easily get rooms and guest houses for their stay in Chennai. Decent accommodations are available at reasonable prices all throughout the city. These offer good quality services and restaurant facilities.

Chennai Luxury Hotels

​Chennai, a vibrant metropolitan city, is the cultural and industrial hub of South India with several important landmarks, shopping centres, colonial architectural buildings and beautiful beaches. 

Chennai Business Hotels

Business hotels in Chennai cater to all business travellers. Based on their requirements, business travellers can choose to stay at the luxury or budget hotels in the city.

Resorts in Chennai

Chennai depicts the perfect blend of modernity and traditionality with the high number of corporates and ancient temples it houses. It is a city that will keep you busy and engrossed in its fast lifestyle but also provide you with calm and clean beaches to sit back and relax.

​About Chennai

Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This is an intoxicating city known for its music culture, local traditions and upbeat lifestyle.

Chennai Weather

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