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Best time to visit Darjeeling

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Winter Season in Darjeeling

Winter season is another ideal time for the tourists to come and enjoy the serene beauty of this glorious hill station. The season is starts from September and carries on through March. December and January are quite cold and freezing and minimum temperature can dip to –2 °C in this region.
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Monsoon Season in Darjeeling

The monsoon season is through the months of July and August in Darjeeling. Heavy rainfall occurs during this season therefore it is not seen as a perfect time to pay a visit. Some travelers still love to visit to enjoy a good downpour.

Summer Season in Darjeeling

The summer season here usually lasts from April to June. The summer remains on the mild side and maximum temperature can move up to 25 degrees Celsius. Cool winds in the hill station make the evenings quite pleasurable.

Best Time to Visit Darjeeling

People often dub it as the Queen of Hill Stations and often people visit its vicinity for its rich tea estate, unique culture and charming and spectacular view of the Kanchenjunga range. Over the years Darjeeling has a gaining number of tourists and often it is seen that even during the heavy monsoon months tourists or some weekenders, often prefer to travel to the mystic mountains. During the monsoon, the temperature nestles at a range of 15 degree to 20 degree and the climate offers a mystic hue with dense fog and abundant rainfall. By its very nature, Darjeeling weather during this time is not that pleasant or friendly as one can even bump into landslides. Nonetheless still if you want to admire the freshness of its nature then the monsoon is an ideal season for some adventure freaks and crazy couples looking for a hideout. Well for tourists and leisure travellers the best time to visit Darjeeling is from September to June that is autumns, winters, springs and summers. At one end autumn and spring offers a mild and rejuvenating climate whereas the winter offers a chilled weather in contrast to the bracing climate in the summers.

The temperature in September and October in Darjeeling nestles at a range from 20 degree to 25 degree where as it drops to 15 degree in the month of November. During the months of December and January, the temperature in Darjeeling drops to 2 degree that is minimum and nestles up to a maximum of 7 degree. Still it is an ideal season for honeymooners.

In February and March the temperature cuddles at a range of 12 degree to 17 degree whereas Darjeeling weather receives a warm gesture in the month of April when the temperature ranges in between 17 degree to 22 degree. The weather in Darjeeling blends with love, lust and lure when the bracing summer rays greet those beautiful couples. The temperature in Darjeeling in May and June remains in and around 20 degree and 27 degree.

Thus if you want to know when to visit Darjeeling, visit our Darjeeling Travel Guide and you will always receive the best days in Darjeeling anytime in the year

Events / Festivals in Darjeeling

Below is the list of popular festivals in Darjeeling and for complete guidance, click on the darjeeling travel guide.

Loshar: The Tibetans and the Sherpas most notably celebrate this festival by organizing folk songs and dances. Tibetans mark their new year on this day and Buddhist monks offer prayer in monasteries.

Buddha Jayanti: Buddha Jayanti is celebrated with much enthusiasm in Darjeeling. Hindus regard Buddha as the incarnation of lord Vishnu. Both Hindus and Buddhists gather for special prayers at Buddhist monasteries on this day.

Dasain: It is the biggest festival in Darjeeling that marks the victory of good over evil. The main festival runs for 10 days during which all official work is closed. On the 10th day of the festival, Hindus and Buddhists visit their relatives and elders for their blessings.

Diwali: The “Festival of Lights” runs for five days in the city. On the occasion, Goddess Laxmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth is worshipped by the people to get the blessing of a healthy and prosperous life.

Accommodation in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a renowned place and comprises a number of hotels of all categories. From luxurious hotels to budget hotels, Darjeeling has everything in its bucket. Some of the well known hotels in Darjeeling are Gymkhana Resort, Fortune Hotel, Viceroy Hotel and Hotel Sinclairs. These are quite famous for their warm hospitality as well as modern amenities.

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