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Dwarka Map

Events/Festivals in Dwarka

Following are some of the major festivals in Dwarka, which are celebrated with full enthusiasm here:

Holi: The most attractive and colorful festival of the city is Holi, which is celebrated in the month of March here. The festival is celebrated with great fervor and passion in this lively city.

Janmashtami: During the month of August/September, the city celebrates the festival of Janmashtami with great vigor and fervor. The festival celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna who is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It definitely tops the list of the most important Dwarka festivals.

Accommodation in Dwarka

Dwarka is a city of great importance. Large numbers of pilgrims as well as tourists come down to this holy city. Therefore, one can find a number of hotels in Dwarka that can be booked through online portals as well as travel agencies. All these hotels offer easy accommodation to all at a very reasonable cost.

Hotels in Dwarka

Hotels in Dwarka

The holy town of Dwarka at the western end of Kathiawar Peninsula is amongst the four sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites (Chardham) in India. Dwarka evolved as a mesmerizing kingdom of Lord Krishna after Krishna fled from Mathura to Dwarka. Today this well planned town remains heavily occupied by pilgrims, tourists, locals and traders throughout the year. During festive months, Dwarka gets dressed up in ethereal beauty which is worth beholding in your eyes forever.

Winter Season in Dwarka

From November to February exists the winter season. The maximum temperature reaches up to 34°C and the minimum temperature recorded in the season is 9°C. The climate is usually cool with a pleasant ambiance. It is considered as the best season to visit Dwarka for sightseeing.

Monsoon Season in Dwarka

Monsoon in the region prevails from June to September. It is accompanied with medium shower and hence the climate becomes very humid. The days are amusing and the nights are quite cold.

Summer Season in Dwarka

Summer in Dwarka starts from March and lasts till June. The season is very warm with a temperate climate. The temperature ranges between 23°C and 42°C in the region. The period is perfect for sightseeing, temple visiting and exploring the nearby places.

Dwarka Weather

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