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Guwahati Map

Events/Festivals in Guwahati

The major festivals in Guwahati are Bihu and Saraswati Puja. Bihu is a traditional festival of the place and people celebrate it traditional music and special Bihu dance. The Bihu traditional dance is the major thing that plays an important role in the festival. Saraswati Puja is another festival at the place that the people of Guwahati celebrate with great gusto with various rituals.

Accommodation in Guwahati

There are numbers of hotels and resorts that make the travellers feel delightful. Tourists at this place can go for resort or hotel as per the choice to take rest and relax well. Basic facilities are available at these hotels so customers will not face any difficulty. Apart from the basic facilities, special treatment on demand of travellers is also made available. Some of the facilities available in the hotels are TV, AC and heater. The prices of all these places are affordable in range so people can get easier assistance.


Quick Info

  • Attractions

    Beautiful landscapes
  • Altitude

    50.5 m
  • STD Code

  • Best Season

    July - Feb
  • State/Code

    Guwahati/781 xxx (vary)