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Things To Do in Kasauli

Kasauli, a silent hill station near Shimla, is undoubtedly the best destination for anyone looking for some solitude. This serene land is known for the solace it offers everyone who arrives here. Artistes, writers, explorers, photographers, architects, all of them arrive at Kasauli to get their share of peace and tranquility. It has something in its roots that makes one crave for it again and again. For ages, it has been an abode for every creative soul. Ruskin Bond, the magical writer was born in this wonderland. The essence of the British era continues to linger in this heavenly part of India. However, there’s so much more to Kasauli than just the scenic beauty that attracts hundreds of people across the globe. Here’s a list of things to do in Kasauli.

Pack your bags with Jams and Marmalade

local jams in kasauli

Kasauli and the nearby Parwanoo boast of the best of fruit orchards. If there’s bliss in eating fruits then there’s an altogether different bliss in just watching them. And this is from where some really yummy jams, jellies and marmalades are made. Not always does one get to see apples and peaches in all shades of red, pink and orange. Now you have a chance, explore the orchards and purchase fresh jams and jellies. They are also available throughout the town at astoundingly low prices. Since they are exported from there itself, one can easily evaluate about their quality.

Load your mini bar with Wines

wines in kasauli

Since there are numerous orchards in this British colony, a variety of wine is produced locally and turns out to be quite cheap for one’s pockets too. Some popular wines available in Kasauli comprise peach wine, apple wine, black grape wine and plum wine. They can be easily purchased from any local shop in the whole of Kasauli and nearby areas apart from the fruit orchard area.

Take a walk in the woods

Gilbert’s Trail Kasauli

A visit to Kasauli obviously means taking a break from the busy city life and that is why ditch your cars and bike. Instead, trust your feet and treat yourself with some pure fresh air which is impossible to find in the metros. Walk around this secluded land and the woods nearby to experience the raw beauty embellished with pine trees and a variety of birds. Stroll about the Scotland of India to admire the British architecture and the local lifestyle.

Bird watching

Birds in Kasauli
This is something that is going to leave you spellbound especially because of the variety of unique species that can be found here. The speciality of watching birds lies in their natural habitat and Kasauli offers a delight to your eyes. This beautiful hill station has some wonderful species to spot including Red-billed Leiothrix, Verditer Flycatcher, Grey Bushchat and Red-billed Blue Magpie. Summer season is the best time for every bird watcher as migration of birds is maximum during this time of the year.

Visit the Kasauli Brewery

Mohan Meakin Lid Kasauli The Kasauli Brewery is one of the most unique experiences you are going to encounter here. This oldest brewery in Asia was set up in early nineteenth century and still has some equipments running since the time of its establishment. It is a reputed liquor manufacturer currently and is called Mohan Meakin Limited. Some famous brands that are associated with this brewery include Old Monk Rum, Summer Hall and Big Ben Gin.

Shop the best Handicrafts and woolens

Handicrafts in Kasauli
Kasauli is a part of Himachal Pradesh and no part of this state can do away with woollens. Like all other lovely places of this hilly area, even Kasauli has some wonderful shops that sell an array of hand woven shawls, sweaters, stoles, mufflers and scarves in different fashionable trends. You can just not avoiding a piece or a two for yourself or your loved ones.

Small cottage industry flourishes in this land and handcraft market happens to be one of its successful examples. A plethora of souvenirs made of wood, brass, straw and clay are sold all around the hill station. Since it’s a tourist destination, you may have to bargain hard.

Savour some good Tibetan food

Tibetan food in Kasauli If you are a die-hard fan of momos then this is the place to enjoy the best of its type. Kasauli has a variety of dumplings on its menu to serve one and all. This silent land is no less than heaven for every food lover. The thukpas and the dim sums are best enjoyed from road side stalls instead of any high end multi-cuisine restaurant.

Take a bite of the one of a kind, BandsamosaBandsamosa Kasauli It may not be surprising if you get to meet people who arrive in Kasauli just to have this amazing thing. Kasauli is one place that will not just bring out the nature lover in you but also the hidden foodie within. Bandsamosa is a normal samosa stuffed inside a bun served with chutney and chole. It costs a mere 8-10 bucks and is available at all sweet shops however it’s best eaten at Narinder Sweet Shop. The true flavour of bandsamosa lies in the desi bun instead of the burger bun. Trust me, if you miss out on bandsamosa on your visit to Kasauli then my friend, your trip has just not been worthwhile.

Roam around in the Tibetan Market

Tibetan market Kasauli
No holiday is complete without some shopping. Let your guy groan and grunt over your shopaholism, forget everything and indulge in retail therapy at its best. Major shopping places in Kasauli happen to be in the Mall. The Tibetan Market is also located nearby and displays some wonderful stuff. It is going to be irresistible and we suggest you to let off the chains and shop to the hilt. The handicrafts, the carpets and the Himachali jewellery are sure to get a place in your wardrobe. Always remember to bargain hard when purchasing any stuff.

Tibetan market also has some of the best restaurants for everyone who wishes to savour typical Tibetan cuisine especially the very delicious dumplings.

Enjoy drinks at rooftop bar

Hangout in Kasauli regency
If you talk about the nightlife of Kasauli then it might disappoint all those who prefer to spend their weekends in a pub dancing their heart out. However, there’s something that can life your moods at their best. Wouldn’t it be amazing to share a glass of wine with your beloved at the rooftop on a starry night enjoying the cool winds and sweet nothings. There’s this restaurant by the name Hangout of the Kasauli Regency and is splendid in its own way. It has guitar sessions for its guests and serves the best of drinks to their guests on a rooftop. If you have missed out on momos sold on the streets then have a typical Tibetan dinner at this restaurant for a once in a lifetime experience.

By Harshita Srivastava

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