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Best time to visit Kolkata

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Winter Season in Kolkata

The city enjoys winter from November to February. The low temperature during this season ranges between 9 and 11 degrees Celsius. It is the best time to visit Kolkata as the weather is cool and pleasant too.

Best Time to Visit Kolkata

Hashing out the best time to visit Kolkata, it can be stated that the period just after the monsoon will surely spark upon you some festive mood. Autumn not only greets with a pleasant weather in Kolkata but also, it is the time of festivities. Followed by the hymns and lights of Durga Puja and Laxmi puja to the sparkles of Diwali, the month of October and November is filled with thrills and grills. Whereas December to January brings along shower of happiness, love and celebration. It is the period that witnesses the conduct of Kolkata book fair that acts as a platform for bringing people from all over the world together under one roof. The spring host an idle season when it is neither too cold nor too hot. Thereby from April to mid-June Kolkata climate brings upon perspiration, thermic fever and dehydration in the day to day life. Nonetheless one can surely experience the awaiting moment of norwesters that falls upon like showers of blessings. From mid-June to September Kolkata weather experiences signs of flooded streets and people running for shelters. During this time of the year the day to day life in Kolkata becomes pathetic.

During October the temperature in Kolkata snugs between 20 degree to 28 degree whereas it starts to drop down to 15 degree that is the minimum to a maximum of 20 degree in November. From December to January, Kolkata temperature roves from a minimum of 9 degree to a maximum of 14 degree. If your luck permits to experience the frigidity, sometimes temperature in Kolkata falls to 7 degrees in the month of January.

The temperature in February remains at around 17 degree to a maximum of 22 degree and it starts to rise up to 25 degree in March. From April to May the temperature reaches up to a maximum of 45 degree, with humidity being more than 90%. After the first shower of the season, the temperature starts to drop down to a minimum of 30 degree and nestles within 35 degree that is maximum.

Summer Season in Kolkata

Summers in Kolkata start from March and last till May. The temperature lies between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius and the weather is very hot as well as humid. It is too difficult to bear the scorching heat and hence, it is probably not the best time to visit Kolkata.

Monsoon Season in Kolkata

From June to September is the monsoon season. These monsoon months are blessed with heavy showers and hence, the humidity increases to the maximum. The post monsoon month are very pleasant and is the best time to visit Kolkata.

Events / Festivals in Kolkata

Durga Puja: the city is known all round the world for its famous Durga puja celebrations. Pooja is conducted in the month of September/October.

Kali Puja: Kali Puja which comes soon after Durga Puja is again one of the biggest festivals in Kolkata and people of the city become very enthusiastic and active during this period.

Accommodation in Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the busiest cities of the country and being a cosmopolitian city, it is always crowded with people from different parts of the world. There are many hotels and guest houses located in different parts of the city. There are numbers of luxurious hotels available in the city and again there are normal hotels meant for middle class people. Therefore, no matter what your budget is, you can easily find a hotel here and can book it for a pleasant stay in the city as per your budget.

Business Hotels in Kolkata

​Kolkata is West Bengal’s capital and is home to the Calcutta Stock Exchange. It also serves as the headquarters for Coal India Limited and National Insurance Company among others. Kolkata also ranks among the top 8 cities in India in terms of revenue collection.

About Kolkata

​Set on the banks of the Hooghly River, the City of Joy, Kolkata is one amongst India’s significant metropolitan cities. Immersed in authentic Bengali culture and rich colonial history of the country, the city holds a distinctive splendor.

Kolkata Weather

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