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Malwan Map

Events / Festivals in Malvan

Shimgyachi Holi: This is one of the fascinated conventional festivals in Malvan of Konkan region. Generally, the event is celebrated with splashes and sprinkles of colors on each other, in other places of the country except the Konkan region. As per the Narad Purana, the day is distinguished in the remembrance of Prahlad’s triumph and trounce of his aunt ‘Holika’. So, the people of Malvan and other parts of Konkan celebrate this occasion by burning the effigy of Holika. This particular lighting of the idol is called as Holika Dahan. It occurs in between the time period of March to April.

Makar Sankrant: This is a religious event of the month of January and is celebrated only by women. According to the custom of the event, women are dressed in gorgeous saris & ornaments. People go to their neighboring families and also provide invitation to other ladies for a special ceremony named “Haldi-Kunku”. The festival takes place in the month of January.

Accommodation in Malvan

Malvan is one of the popular regions in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Most of the time, the place is crowded with couples. This is the reason behind its packed hotels and resorts throughout the year. So, you have to reserve your rooms in advance and before the peak season. From in-house restaurants to the basic amenities, the hotels have everything for the travelers. The resorts are not so far from the remarkable places near Malvan and therefore, the travelers can explore the region.

Hotels in Malvan

You may not be aware of Malvan's importance from tourism perspective. However, once you arrive at this coastal town of Maharashtra, you will be left awestruck by its unparalleled historical and natural beauty. Malvan is spotted with pristine beaches which have not yet felt the pinch of commercialization. Added to the beaches, are placid backwaters, ancient forts, temples and adventure hubs, all of which make Malvan an ideal travel destination for all age and moods of travellers.

Monsoon Season in Malvan

The season in general is peppered by heavy rainfall and mild temperature. Around 3240.10 mm rainfall is recorded in Malvan during the monsoons. June, July, August, September and October are the monsoon months.

Best Season in Malvan

The province of Malvan deals with a stifling climate with sultry summers, moderate weather of winters and plentiful rainfall. Amongst the three seasons, winter is chosen to be the best season to visit Malvan.

Winter Season in Malvan

The winter is considered as the best time to visit Malvan that starts in November and remains till February. Winters are calm and reasonably cool here. For this reason, protective clothing is not very badly needed. The temperature ranges between sixteen degrees (16°C) to twenty four degrees (28°C).

Summer Season in Malvan

Summers appear with high temperature and moist weather in the town of Malvan. This is why the tourists avoid the months from February to May. The temperature often goes up to 38°C with humid climatic conditions. The lowest temperature of the region revolves around 28°C.

Malwan Weather

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