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Best Munnar Travel Videos

If you are seeking a natural retreat, dressed in lush green, over rolling hills dotted with rare species of plant life and animals, Munnar is the one that is a feast for everyone’s eyes. Over the years, this charismatic hill station, located in God’s Own Country, Kerala, fancily tucked on the Western Ghats, has fetched not only the weekenders from nearby cities but also eco-travellers from distant corners of the world. Nonetheless it has also drawn in number of honeymooners and thus saving one’s wallet from a fling to some distant country. For some Munnar offers a perfect diorama of natural resources and for some it is a haven of absolute bliss.

In Munnar dwells a pleasurable climate throughout the year that attracts travellers the most. The destination is just not a natural museum of evergreen forests laden with rare species of plants but also bustles your ideal vacation with some thrilling activities like hiking, trekking and jungle safaris. Thus it brings together people from all ages under one frame and that is one’s ‘Lifetime Memory’.

Full of natural beauty, small rivulets snake through the coffee and spice plantations down the rolling hills, Munnar still holds the treasure of the rare Neelakurinji flowers that blossom out once every 12 years. Below here is an amazing Munnar travel video by the Kerala Tourism of the famous Neelakurinji flowers of Munnar.

Neelakurinji Flowers

Stepping in its ambiance, Munnar endows a green valley covered in mist that attracts the honeymooners the most. Nonetheless the mist has a special kind of beauty that presents you with a one of a kind experience. Here is an impressive capture by Wild Films India of the mist playing over Munnar.

Mist over Munnar

Nature churned out this hill station with a spattering of waterfalls that forms a misty spray over the bestowed hills. A few waterfalls in Munnar are Attukal Waterfalls, Thommankuthu Waterfalls, Nayamakad Waterfalls, Power House Waterfalls, Kuthumkal Waterfalls, Cheeyappara Waterfalls, Valara Waterfalls. Here is one of the splashing and best Munnar travel videos of the Attukal Waterfalls from the mini cam of Swaroop Kumar, who visited this spot in the month of July 2013.

Attukal Waterfalls

The Valara Waterfalls, which is approximately 10 kms from Adimaly, is also one of the major attractions in Munnar. Check out the video of this swashing waterfall.

Valara Waterfalls

Munnar is gifted with some rare species of wildlife. The Eravikulam National Park is a renowned national park that is located along the Western Ghats in the Idukki district of Kerala. It houses the rare species of the Nilgiri Tahr and other animals like Sambar Deer, Golden Jackal, Jungle Cat, Wild dog - Dhole, leopard and tiger. The Munnar travel video below as shot by Suresh Elamon, who is a full time naturalist after retiring as a banker, drives you from the clamour of your daily life to the tranquil bed of nature. Rightly said, Eravikulam National Park is a ‘fragrance of eternity’. It is one of the best Munnar travel videos from our picks.

Eravikulam National Park

Now let us check out what’s more in Munnar. This mighty hill station under the floating mist has got its own rich beauty. Munnar is widely known for its natural garden exhibiting a vast tea plantation and spice orchids secluded in the Western Ghats. From the lense of Ratnakar Koduru let us feel out the rhapsody of Munnar. The Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company Private Limited is a major attraction in Munnar.

Munnar Tea Estate

The Tea Castle Retreat amid the natural beauty is an ideal place in Munnar where you can find tranquility along with luxury at an affordable rate. Check out our video on this hotel in Munnar.

Tea Castle Retreat

Well you can’t explore the nature empty stomach. Indians know this fact but foreign travellers? Food in Munnar is of typical South Indian that doesn’t go with the taste of rest of Indian cuisine. Munnar has some amazing street food. Being in Munnar one must try the Gobi noodles. Check out the unique Munnar travel video of freshly fried banana chips, that justifies the unique taste of Munnar street food. Well… the girls in this video seemed curious about the vendor’s tenure in his Banana Chips business, but unfortunately our mother tongue, Hindi, was kind of Hebrew to that Kerala folk.

Freshly Fried Banana Chips

The Club Mahindra Lakeview Resort is one of the 5 star retreats where you can savour the best of local Kerala cuisine.

Club Mahindra Lakeview Resort, Munnar

You must be wondering about the best time to visit Munnar. Well to discover the nature at its best, rhapsody of rains brings Munnar to its best. You may seek for greenery… well that you can receive throughout the year in Munnar. But if you are seeking for the best of Munnar that sounds with the misty sprays of its plunging waterfalls, July to September is the best season for you then.

Munnar dwells with a unique Kerala culture. The Attukal Festival is a unique festival in Munnar. It is a All Women Festival held in the month of February every year. It entered Guinness book of world records as the largest annual gathering of women in the world. Check out the colours of Attukal Festival from one of the Munnar best travel videos below.

Attukal Festival

So? What’s the plan now? This might have fetched you to pack your bags and hop the best of Munnar. If not… no need to worry. Munnar is a destination that is open throughout the year. Till then enjoy watching the best Munnar travel videos and check out the Top 5 places to see in Munnar from the below video.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Munnar By Swairik Das

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