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Best time to visit Ooty

Ooty Map

Monsoon Season in Ooty

Ooty experiences monsoons between the months of June to September. Heavy rainfall is the characteristic of the season.

Summer Season in Ooty

The summers in Ooty are the temperature remains comfortable and is apt for sightseeing and other pursuits. The month of March marks the start of summer season and it lasts till May. Temperature ranges between 12 °C - 30 °C during these months.

Best Time to Visit Ooty

If you are a nature freak then you don’t have to bother when to visit Ooty. Even the monsoon procures a tempting nature. Ooty as an ideal escape for crazy couples is also a rejuvenating getaway to the workaholics. But when it comes to leisure travellers, especially when you are planning a trip to Ooty with your family or a honeymoon trip then it’s better to be aware of the best time to visit Ooty. Truly speaking, this hill station in south India bears a mild and pleasing climate throughout the year. The weather in Ooty is quite pleasant during the summers whereas winters are cool, and monsoons are enticing. Nonetheless the best time for visiting Ooty is from October to June.

The temperature in Ooty in October nestles in between 15 degree to 20 degree whereas the bracing November bears a temperature swirling around 12 degree and 15 degree. Ooty weather during the peak winters is as quixotic as it is cool. The temperature in Ooty in December and January dwells in the range of 5 degree and 10 degree whereas it hops up to a cuddling spring. The temperature in February and March cuddles at 15 degree to 22 degree.

The weather in Ooty quite pleasant during the months of April and May when rest of India is receiving the scorching heat of summer. The temperature in Ooty in April and May ranges in between 22 degree to a maximum of 27 degree whereas from June, after the first shower, the temperature drops to a minimum of 17 degree. During the peak monsoon, the hill station receives moderate to heavy rainfall and thus it interrupts sightseeing in Ooty but it is during this time when nature lovers can enjoy the green fresh look and the more picturesque side of the place in monsoon season.

Thus if you want to know when to visit Ooty, visit our Ooty Travel Guide and you will always receive the best days in Ooty anytime in the year.

Winter Season in Ooty

The Month of November marks the start of winter season in Ooty. Temperature ranges between 5°C - 23°C. Winters last till January in Ooty. This is one of the best seasons to visit Ooty. The temperature remains ideal to enjoy nature.
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Accommodation in Ooty

Ooty has a lot of deluxe and medium to budget accommodation options. Welbeck Residency Hotel (Welbeck Circle Club Road), Ponmari Residency (Kotagiri Road), Sterling Holidays Fern Hill (Kunda House Road), Sagar Holiday Resorts (Grand Duff Road), Club Mahindra Danish Villa (Sheddon Ooty),Sterling Holidays Elk Hill (Ramakrishnapuram) are the popular hotels of the city. Some of the medium to budget accommodation include Lakeview (West Lake Road), Fairstay Holiday Resorts (Ooty-Coonoor Main Road), Darshan Hotel (Woodcock Road) and Sanjay Hotel (Ooty) etc.

Events / Festivals in Ooty

All important festivals are celebrated with much pomp and show in Ooty.  Festivals in Ooty provide yet another reason to celebrate “Life” to the natives.

Pongal:One of the most awaited events in Ooty and all over the state, Pongal is celebrated with great passion and vigor.  The term Pongal signifies sweet dish of rice which is eaten on the Pongal festival day. Jaggery, Cardamom and cashew nuts are also included in this dish for the celebration. The local people dedicate this dish to God Surya, The Sun God. It is one of the most imperative and well known festivals held in the month of mid January every year.

Aadi Peruku:It is the festival of River and is celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month of Adi. It is one of the most prominent festivals of the city and it is a wonderful experience to be a part of these festivities in Ooty.

Ekadasi Festival:Ekadasi Festival is one of the most important festivals of the town and is celebrated on the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight. The Vrishchika Ekadasi has a special importance in the town. A highlight of this festival is the memorial honor for Gajarajan Kesavan.

Utsavam or Annual Festival:This festival is celebrated on the day of Pushya in the month of February-March and is meant for the purification and revitalizing the powers of the deity.

Saraswathy Pooja:Saraswathy Pooja is held in the last three days of the Navaratri festival as the last three days are especially meant for Goddess Saraswathy. The preparations of Krishnanattam, Kathakali, and Kalaripayattu etc. usually begin on this day. Hence this eve is celebrated with great passion.

Resorts in Ooty

The aromatic revival on nature’s lap arouses feelings in the event of secluding oneself from others. Capturing the nature in a blink of an eye propels an eternality of rejuvenation and once you nest yourself amidst such proximity, you just can’t take a glimpse of it. Ooty exhibits all. 

Ooty Weather

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