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Best Pondicherry Travel Videos

Overlooking the rage of the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry is one of the prominent tourist destinations in south of India, which is one of the Union Territories, located amid the hues of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The city of Pondicherry, which is also known as Puducherry and often referred as Pondy, dates back to the 1st century when the Roman navigated their trading. The major part of the city was part of the Pallava kingdom and later the Cholas, during the 10th century took control of the city. Followed by the Vijayanagar Empire until the French intruded and took the power in the year 1674, Pondicherry today exhibits the relics of many ancient south Indian dynasties as well as the plumes of the French colony.
So… before we dig deep in the true Indian colours let’s first take a tour of the French Colony in Pondicherry. The Bonjour India festival in Pondicherry still dilates the hues of the French. The cycle wheels back a century back. It is one of the cultural events of the French that tunes to dialogue rimed music, The Opera. The Bonjour Festival is basically a musical event that also showcases international movies and beats the floor with international steps. Well… international for us…but classical for the French. Let’s take a tour of the Bonjour Festival from the mouth of Sahar Zaman in this Pondicherry travel video.
The Bonjour Festival: A French Event in Pondicherry
Close to the French Colony is the sprawling Rock Beach of Pondicherry. It is one of the prominent places to visit in Pondicherry and promise an ideal ambiance. Though one cannot step in the water due to its current but time will pass on as you feel the cozy zephyr passes by. The below Pondicherry travel video takes you to stroll on the soft sands of the Rock Beach.
Close to the city of Pondicherry lies the ‘Troy of the East’ as dubbed by the British. The ruin of Gingee Fort that was built by the Chola dynasty in the 9th century is one of the few surviving forts in Tamil Nadu. The fort witnessed many dynasties after the Cholas. In the 13th century it was captured by the Vijayanagara Empire and thereafter by the Marathas and later by the Mughals followed by the French. The fort comprises of a unique structure and the complex is built on three hillocks: the Krishnagiri, Chakkilidrug and Rajagiri hills. Each hill contains three citadels, forming an enormous triangle. The entire complex consists of palaces, gardens, ponds, temples, mosques and gateways. Let’s take a short tour of the Gingee Fort from one of the best Pondicherry travel videos.
Gingee Fort
Coming back to the city of Pondicherry, the Auroville City is one of the major attractions in Pondicherry that fetches tourists from different parts of the world. It is a perfect example of community living where people with different nationalities and cultures live in harmony. The practice was started in the year 1968. This universal town is a world of fusion where dwells 50 different languages. A major draw here is Matrimandir, a modern architectural marvel, with a globe as high as 30 meters and have lotus-shaped foundation urn. Let’s now be a part of the Auroville City from the video below as filmed by Positive Wolrd Travel.
The Auroville City
Close to the Auroville City, the Le Pondy Resort is one of the best hotels in Pondicherry that offers one withal luxury at an affordable rate. This luxury hotel in Pondicherry features many eating options, which are elegantly furnished. The Ayurvedic centre provides natural treatments that make it an apt pick to relax mind, body and soul. The hotel maintains 70 well-appointed rooms, categorized as Sea View Room, Presidential Pool Villa, Luxury Pool Villa and Lake View Room. Let’s take a tour of le Pondy Hotel from our Pondicherry travel video below.
Le Pondy Hotel
Pondicherry is also considered as one of the spiritual places in India and is largely influenced by the Aurobindo Ashram, which is nestled right in the heart of the city. Thousands of visitors from all over the world come for the Ashram. Sri Aurobindo’s teachings have influenced not only the Indians but also has also established throughout the world. The complete method of internal yoga, inside the Aurobindo Ashram, transforms human nature to divine life. Here is a short footage of the main building of the Aurobindo Ashram. [Videography is not allowed inside]
The Aurobindo Ashram
The serene beaches of Pondicherry are complete contrast to what the colours we have seen of Pondicherry. The city comprises the Paradise Beach, Auro Beach, Serenity Beach and Promenade Beach. Here you can grab some beer to chill out the cool ambiance. Let’s take a tour of the beaches of Pondicherry from the eyes of Andy.
Beaches of Pondicherry
Lastly, let’s have a look of the Pondicherry fish market. The Goubert Market is one of the largest fish markets in Tamil Nadu where one can find an array of sea fishes.
Goubert Fish Market
Approximately 100 kms from Pondicherry and 60 kms from Chennai, lies one of the ancient towns of India, Mahabalipuram, which is one of the UNESCO World heritage Site in India. Built by the Pallavas in the 7th century, Mahabalipuram hosts several rock cut temples. The major attraction is the Shore Temple. Let’s take a brief look on the ancient city of Mahabalipuram from one of the Pondicherry best travel videos below by Open School.
Mahabalipuram By Swairik Das

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