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Tso Moriri Map

Accommodation in Tsomoriri

Tsomoriri has some deluxe and medium to budget accommodation options in and around the region. Yaak Camp is a popular deluxe hotel of the region. Guest House or Homestay (Tso Moriri) is a medium to budget accommodation with all facilities to make your stay a memorable one.

Events / Festivals in Tsomoriri

The festivals in Tsomoriri are celebrated with great delight and religious sentiments .The festivals here are extremely colourful and their celebrations exude a sense of unity and feeling of brotherhood.

Dosmoche Festival: Dosmoche Festival is one of the most important festivals of the region. It is celebrated in the second half of the month of February and is one of two festivals celebrated on the arrival of New Year, the other one being Losar which is celebrated with immense passion.

Losar Festival: Losar festival, as per the Lunar Calendar, is celebrated for 2 weeks during the month of December and January. This festival is fervently enjoyed by Ladakhi Buddhists by offering prayers to the Gods, both in Gompas and in their native shrines.

Hemis Festival: One of the leading and most famous monastic festivals, Hemis festival is held in the month end of June or in early July and is devoted to the revered Guru Padmasambhava.

Lohri: Lohri in Tsomoriri is celebrated with great gusto just before the day of Makar Sankranti. Lohri is one of the most beautifully celebrated festivals of the place and is enjoyed with singing special Lohri songs and dancing merrily to the beats of Dhol.

Summer Season in Tso moriri

Tsomoriri experiences summer from the month of June and last till August. The temperature remains comfortable between 2°C to 30°C and is apt to experience the beauty of the place.

Best Season in Tso moriri

The best season to visit Tsomoriri is the summer season. The temperature remains cool and comfortable and is apt for sightseeing. The best months to visit are June, July and August.

Winter Season in Tso moriri

Winters approach Tsomoriri in November and lasts till March. The temperature drops down to subzero levels. The average temperature range during these months is -10°C to - 25°C. The whole place is covered with a sheet of snow during these months.


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    4595 m
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    Summer; June to August
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    Tso Moriri/None

    Dogri, Urdu and Hindi
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