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Uttara Kannada Map

Accommodation in Uttara Kannada

There are some deluxe and medium to budget accommodation options in the nearby area. River Tern Lodge (Behind Ranganathaswamy Temple), Royal Orchid Central (B.H. Road, Opp. Vinayak Theatre), Gabadi River Edge (Gabadi, Tudur Post) are the deluxe accommodations with all high class facilities to make your stay a memorable one.

Other medium and budget accommodations include Jewel Rock Hotel (Durgigudi Road), Navarathna Hotel (Raykar Tower), Samrat Ashoka Hotel (B H Road, Shimoga), and Mathura Residency Hotel (Mathura Arcade).

Events / Festivals in Uttara Kannada

Apart from the popular festivals of Hindus, the major festivals that are celebrated with much pomp and show in Uttara Kannada are:

Pongal:One of the most awaited events in Uttara Kannada and all over the state, Pongal is celebrated with great passion and vigor. The term Pongal signifies sweet dish of rice which is eaten on the Pongal festival day. Jaggery, Cardamom and cashew nuts are also included in this dish for the celebration. The local people dedicate this dish to God Surya, The Sun God. It is one of the most imperative and well known festivals held in the month of mid January every year.

Ugadi:Ugadi is a famous festival in Andhra Pradesh. It is the New Year's Day in Andhra culture and is Maharashtra it is known by the name of Gudi Padwa and Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Maker Sankranti:Maker Sankranti is a beautiful festival of the city and is celebrated with great rejoice. It is a celebration of the occasion of the `ascent` of the sun to the north.

Ganesh Chaturthi:This festival is held in the months of August-September and is one of the famous festivals in Uttara Kannada. It is celebrated with immense passion.

Diwali:One of the most important festivals of Hindus, Diwali, is also well known by the name of “Festival of Lights” or Deepavali. It is celebrated in the month of October or November. Diwali in Uttara Kannada is celebrated with great pomp and show. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped on this festival.

Monsoon Season in Uttara Kannada

July marks the beginning of Monsoon season in Uttara Kannada and lasts till September. Sporadic rainfalls make Uttara Kannada look very beautiful during this season.

Best Season in Uttara Kannada

Uttara Kannada is an apt place to visit all the year round. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for sightseeing.

Winter Season in Uttara Kannada

Winters approach Uttara Kannada in December and lasts till February. The climate is pleasantly cool and the temperature ranges from 20°C to 30°C. Winters are the apt season for sightseeing in Uttara Kannada.

Summer Season in Uttara Kannada

Summers of Uttara Kannada are extremely hot and humid. The temperature ranges from 24°C to 38°C in the months of April to June. A visit to Uttara Kannada is generally avoided during these months.


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