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Lamayuru Monastery Leh


21st June to 22nd June 2017

Yuru Kabgyat Festival 2017

Yuru Kabgyat is a popular Buddhist festival, which is celebrated at the Lamayuru Monastery, Leh. This 2-day festival is celebrated with great zeal on the 17th & the 18th day of the 5th Tibetan month. Buddhists monks from various corners of the world, including Tibet, China, Korea, Japan, etc. come to be a part of this wonderful and colorful festival. Started in the 8th century, the festival’s highlight is the mask dance that is considered to be a holy practice and aims at protecting people from natural calamities and epidemics. The festival, has high cultural and religious importance and is considered to be an extravagant affair.

The rituals include wearing traditional masks and dancing while forming circles with drum beats, cymbals and long pipes. People from nearby villages also take part in the celebrations wholeheartedly and enjoy each and every moment of the occasion too. The mask dance is the major highlight of this festival as the monks believe that it pleases the deity and also drives away the evil spirits. Tourists from different parts of the world also visit Leh during this festival to dive into the colours of this vivacious event and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. This year, Yuru Kabgyat will be celebrated from 21 to 22nd June at Lamayuru Monastery.

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