Gorakhpur Bhavnagar Jet Airways Flights

Depart Return
Gorakhpur to Bhavnagar Jet Airways Flights
Jet Airways
 16:00 Gorakhpur, GOP
20h 30m
 12:30 Bhavnagar, BHU
Jet Airways
 15:10 Gorakhpur, GOP
20h 55m
 12:05 Bhavnagar, BHU
Jet Airways
 16:00 Gorakhpur, GOP
20h 30m
 12:30 Bhavnagar, BHU
Jet Airways
 16:00 Gorakhpur, GOP
20h 30m
 12:30 Bhavnagar, BHU
Jet Airways
 16:00 Gorakhpur, GOP
20h 15m
 12:15 Bhavnagar, BHU

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Jet Airways Information

Airline Contact Information
  • Airline Code 9W
  • Phone Number +91 11 3989 3333

Gorakhpur (GOP) to Bhavnagar (BHU) Jet Airways flights also serves

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Varanasi is approx 215 kms from Gorakhpur (GOP)

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Bhavnagar (BHU) to Gorakhpur (GOP) Jet Airways flights also serves

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Ahmedabad is approx 174 kms from Bhavnagar (BHU)

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Vadodara is approx 197 kms from Bhavnagar (BHU)

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Surat is approx 337 kms from Bhavnagar (BHU)

Gorakhpur Rajkot Jet Airways Flights

Rajkot is approx 178 kms from Bhavnagar (BHU)

Gorakhpur Sasan Gir Jet Airways Flights

Sasan Gir is approx 230 kms from Bhavnagar (BHU)

Gorakhpur Gandhinagar Jet Airways Flights

Gandhinagar is approx 196 kms from Bhavnagar (BHU)

Gorakhpur Junagadh Jet Airways Flights

Junagadh is approx 240 kms from Bhavnagar (BHU)

Gorakhpur Daman Jet Airways Flights

Daman is approx 437 kms from Bhavnagar (BHU)

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Somnath is approx 263 kms from Bhavnagar (BHU)

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Diu is approx 202 kms from Bhavnagar (BHU)

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Hotels near Bhavnagar Airport, Bhavnagar

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Popular attractions in Bhavnagar

  • Nilambag

    Nilambag, this Ex Royal palace is at present known as a royal heritage hotel. The hotel reflects the magnificence of ........

  • Bhavnagar Lock Gate

    The city of Bhavnagar is strategically located from major tourist attractions around the place and has been the proud home to several notable writers, poets, reformists, socialists, educationists and freedom fighters. It houses the Piram bet and Velavadar Black Buck National Park, two natural heritage sites. With numerous hotspots in its kitty, the city has a past equally prominent as its present.

  • Mangalsinhji Mahal Palace

    A marvellous depiction of traditional Kathiawari architectural principles, the Mangalsinhji Mahal Palace of Bhavnagar is a significant landmark in the city centre that narrates the life and culture of the royal family of Maharajkumar Mangalsinhji Takhatsinhji. At the same time, the palace represents the brilliant craftsmanship of the ancient rulers of Bhavnagar.

  • Blackbuck National Park

    Located near Vallabhipur in District Bhavnagar of Gujarat, the open grassland of Bhal region was declared as Blackbuck National Park in July 1976. Covering an area of 34.52 sq. km, the park is a popular wildlife destination and is mainly known as the abode of endangered blackbucks. It is also home to other animals like wolf, nilgai, jackal, jungle cat and fox.


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