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Varanasi to Goa Vistara Flights

Varanasi(VNS) to Goa(GOI) Vistara Flights Schedule

  Multi Carrier
 15:20 ,
8h 55m ( -1 Stop )
 00:15 ,
  Multi Carrier
 15:20 ,
26h 0m ( -1 Stop )
 17:20 ,
  Multi Carrier
 15:20 ,
21h 30m ( -1 Stop )
 12:50 ,
  Multi Carrier
 15:20 ,
22h 30m ( -1 Stop )
 13:50 ,
  Multi Carrier
 15:20 ,
45h 30m ( -1 Stop )
 12:50 ,
  Multi Carrier
 15:20 ,
20h 20m ( -1 Stop )
 11:40 ,
  Multi Carrier
 15:20 ,
21h 30m ( -1 Stop )
 12:50 ,
  Multi Carrier
 15:20 ,
21h 30m ( -1 Stop )
 12:50 ,
  Multi Carrier
 15:20 ,
7h 40m ( -1 Stop )
 23:00 ,
  Multi Carrier
 15:20 ,
21h 30m ( -1 Stop )
 12:50 ,
  Multi Carrier
 15:20 ,
21h 30m ( -1 Stop )
 12:50 ,

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Vistara Information

Airline Contact Information
  • Airline Code UK
  • Phone Number 1860-108-9999

Varanasi (VNS) to Goa (GOI) Vistara flights also serves

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Allahabad is approx 182 kms from Varanasi (VNS)

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Goa (GOI) to Varanasi (VNS) Vistara flights also serves

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Malwan is approx 103 kms from Goa (GOI)

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Dandeli is approx 129 kms from Goa (GOI)

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Gokarn is approx 163 kms from Goa (GOI)

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Varanasi Hubli Vistara Flights

Hubli is approx 181 kms from Goa (GOI)

Varanasi Belgaum Vistara Flights

Belgaum is approx 112 kms from Goa (GOI)

Varanasi Panhala Vistara Flights

Varanasi Panaji Vistara Flights

Panaji is approx 3 kms from Goa (GOI)

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Weather in Goa

FRI JUL 13 2018

24.67ºC  23.86ºC

Rain throughout the day.

2.0523% chance of precipitation

SAT JUL 14 2018

25.61ºC  23.98ºC

Rain throughout the day.

1.9812% chance of precipitation

SUN JUL 15 2018

26.23ºC  24.17ºC

Rain throughout the day.

2.7432% chance of precipitation

MON JUL 16 2018

26.07ºC  23.62ºC

Rain throughout the day.

3.0861% chance of precipitation

TUE JUL 17 2018

26.16ºC  24.45ºC

Rain throughout the day.

2.5933% chance of precipitation

WED JUL 18 2018

26ºC  23.96ºC

Rain throughout the day.

1.811% chance of precipitation

THU JUL 19 2018

26.22ºC  23.72ºC

Rain throughout the day.

1.712% chance of precipitation

FRI JUL 20 2018

25.09ºC  24.07ºC

Rain throughout the day.

1.745% chance of precipitation

SAT JUL 21 2018

26.09ºC  23.84ºC

Rain throughout the day.

1.5723% chance of precipitation

SUN JUL 22 2018

25.79ºC  23.84ºC

Rain throughout the day.

1.6027% chance of precipitation

MON JUL 23 2018

25.46ºC  23.75ºC

Rain throughout the day.

1.8821% chance of precipitation

TUE JUL 24 2018

26.2ºC  23.29ºC

Rain throughout the day.

1.7374% chance of precipitation

WED JUL 25 2018

26.31ºC  23.14ºC

Rain throughout the day.

1.4859% chance of precipitation

THU JUL 26 2018

26.63ºC  23.41ºC

Rain until afternoon, starting again in the evening.

1.0973% chance of precipitation

FRI JUL 27 2018

26.13ºC  23.27ºC

Light rain until evening, starting again overnight.

1.0592% chance of precipitation

Hotels near Dabolim Airport, Goa

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Popular attractions in Goa

  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls

    Dudhsagar Waterfalls are one of the prime attractions in Goa which is located in the Sanguem district of Goa. These waterfalls are located near .........

  • Colva Beach

    The Colva Beach in Goa is one of the most secluded beaches in Goa and thus offers a tranquil ambiance making it a perfect holiday destination for the runaway couples and honeymooners.

  • Basilica of Bom Jesus

    One of the most famous churches of Goa, the Basilica of Bom Jesus is a finest example of Baroque architecture. Though partially in ruins, it is highly revered by Christians from all over the country and world. Dedicated to Jesus, it is aptly named as Bom Jesus which means ‘good Jesus’ or ‘infant Jesus’.

  • Dona Paula

    Previously a village, Dona Paula Beachis now one of the most popular areas of Goa. It is home to three important institutions viz. National Institute of Oceanography, International Centre Goa and Goa University. 


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