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Hotels in Thanjavur

Thanjavur is home to some of India’s magnificent architecture and preserved cultures. The town is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu approximately 350 km from the city of Chennai. With bustling streets and eateries that rise before the dawn to start the day’s excursions, Thanjavur welcomes tourists for sightseeing India’s historical landmarks. Brihadeshwara Temple is an iconic temple built by the Cholas during the 11th century, Thanjavur Maratha Palace and the petty Thanjavur Markets are worth seeing. To visit these attractions and feel the essence of the city, one definitely requires a day or two stays in the town. Hotels in Thanjavur are easily available for tourists with different tariffs and styles. 

The city welcomes tourists throughout the year who come to visit the iconic landmarks and take in the historical marvels. There are many good Thanjavur hotels for tourists’ comfort. If you are looking for accommodations so that you can save travel time and money, then you can opt for hotels in Thanjavur near railway station. Some of the hotels under this category are Hotel Parisutham Thanjavur, Hotel Gnanam Thanjavur, Hotel Ramnath, Hotel Annamalai and Hotel KRA.

Many tourists who come from nearby cities travel through buses. Several buses run daily to and from nearby cities and provide efficient transport experience. Some of the hotels in Thanjavur near bus stand include Hotel Sumi Palace, Sivamurugan Residency, Hotel Balaji Inn, Hotel Naadi and Hotel New Ramnath.

If your primary motive of travelling to this city is to explore Brihadeshwara Temple, then you can opt for hotels that are near the temple. Sangam Hotel Thanjavur, PLA Residency Annex, Svatma, Abi’s Inn, Yagappa Hotel, Hotel Victoriyah, and Hotel Pandiyar Residency are some of the hotels in Thanjavur near temple.

Well if you don’t have plans to stay all day in hotel rooms and just want to secure your luggage and freshen up before you continue your expedition, then you can search for budget hotels in Thanjavur. Some of the well-maintained hotels in low tariffs are Naadinest, Hotel KRA, MMD Residency, Hotel Vedha’s Stay and Sumi Palace Annexure.

Some other good 3-star hotels in Thanjavur are Hyders Park - The Business Hotel, Star Residency, Grand Ashok - A Bergamont Group of Hotels, Thanjore HI, and Hotel Oriental Towers. These hotels are equipped with modern facilities and well-trained hotel staff.

If you are excited to explore then you can start your expedition from Brihadeshwara Temple. This temple is regarded as a UNESCO Heritage site that was built in the early 11th century by the Chola kingdom. What fascinates most is the cupola of the temple weighing around 80 to 90 tons, is crafted out of single granite marble and set atop by the elephants at the time. The temple has surrounding several shiva lingas and ancient inscriptions on the walls of the temple. Moving on, Thanjavur Maratha Palace is a must-visit. Inside the Palace, Saraswati Mahal keeps a strict watch on 400-year-old manuscripts on the palm leaves. The market of Thanjavur outside the palace smell good day and night because of the flower shops. You can also shop terracotta dolls, saris, handcrafted items, brassware and many more as souvenirs for your friends and family.

On the customer-friendly app of Goibibo, you can search for a variety of stay accommodations such as hotels, lodges, resorts, hostels, homestays and more. In addition, there are many tariff choices from which you can pick your choice of stay within your budget. After you have selected the stay from the best hotels in Thanjavur, you can give a quick read to read customer reviews and ratings and hotel policies of the hotels before finalising.

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