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About Thanjavur Hotels Booking

Choose from over 155 Thanjavur Hotels available at best prices starting from ₹1008. Use code 𝙂𝙀𝙏𝙎𝙀𝙏𝙂𝙊 to get discounts on best Budget and Luxury Room Booking in Thanjavur that offers perfect setting for creating unforgettable memories. We have handpicked the top hotels in Thanjavur that offer exceptional amenities, services that cater to your every need, ensuring that your stay in Thanjavur is comfortable and enjoyable.

Hotels in Thanjavur

Thanjavur is home to some of India’s magnificent architecture and preserved cultures. The town is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu approximately 350 km from the city of Chennai. With bustling streets and eateries that rise before the dawn to start the day’s excursions, Thanjavur welcomes tourists for sightseeing India’s historical landmarks. Brihadeshwara Temple is an iconic temple built by the Cholas during the 11th century, Thanjavur Maratha Palace and the petty Thanjavur Markets are worth seeing. To visit these attractions and feel the essence of the city, one definitely requires a day or two stays in the town. Hotels in Thanjavur are easily available for tourists with different tariffs and styles. 

The city welcomes tourists throughout the year who come to visit the iconic landmarks and take in the historical marvels. There are many good Thanjavur hotels for tourists’ comfort. If you are looking for accommodations so that you can save travel time and money, then you can opt for hotels in Thanjavur near railway station. Some of the hotels under this category are Hotel Parisutham Thanjavur, Hotel Gnanam Thanjavur, Hotel Ramnath, Hotel Annamalai and Hotel KRA.

Many tourists who come from nearby cities travel through buses. Several buses run daily to and from nearby cities and provide efficient transport experience. Some of the hotels in Thanjavur near bus stand include Hotel Sumi Palace, Sivamurugan Residency, Hotel Balaji Inn, Hotel Naadi and Hotel New Ramnath.

If your primary motive of travelling to this city is to explore Brihadeshwara Temple, then you can opt for hotels that are near the temple. Sangam Hotel Thanjavur, PLA Residency Annex, Svatma, Abi’s Inn, Yagappa Hotel, Hotel Victoriyah, and Hotel Pandiyar Residency are some of the hotels in Thanjavur near temple.

Well if you don’t have plans to stay all day in hotel rooms and just want to secure your luggage and freshen up before you continue your expedition, then you can search for budget hotels in Thanjavur. Some of the well-maintained hotels in low tariffs are Naadinest, Hotel KRA, MMD Residency, Hotel Vedha’s Stay and Sumi Palace Annexure.

Some other good 3-star hotels in Thanjavur are Hyders Park - The Business Hotel, Star Residency, Grand Ashok - A Bergamont Group of Hotels, Thanjore HI, and Hotel Oriental Towers. These hotels are equipped with modern facilities and well-trained hotel staff.

If you are excited to explore then you can start your expedition from Brihadeshwara Temple. This temple is regarded as a UNESCO Heritage site that was built in the early 11th century by the Chola kingdom. What fascinates most is the cupola of the temple weighing around 80 to 90 tons, is crafted out of single granite marble and set atop by the elephants at the time. The temple has surrounding several shiva lingas and ancient inscriptions on the walls of the temple. Moving on, Thanjavur Maratha Palace is a must-visit. Inside the Palace, Saraswati Mahal keeps a strict watch on 400-year-old manuscripts on the palm leaves. The market of Thanjavur outside the palace smell good day and night because of the flower shops. You can also shop terracotta dolls, saris, handcrafted items, brassware and many more as souvenirs for your friends and family.

On the customer-friendly app of Goibibo, you can search for a variety of stay accommodations such as hotels, lodges, resorts, hostels, homestays and more. In addition, there are many tariff choices from which you can pick your choice of stay within your budget. After you have selected the stay from the best hotels in Thanjavur, you can give a quick read to read customer reviews and ratings and hotel policies of the hotels before finalising. 

Thanjavur, formerly known as Tanjore, was the capital city of the Maratha, Chola, and Nayak dynasties. Tanjan, a giant who, as per a well-known legend, wrecked the neighbourhood before being killed by Lord Vishnu and the goddess Sri Anandavalli Amman, is the source of the title. Tanjan's final plea to have the city named after him was fulfilled. Thanjavur's historical background is unknown, but it initially gained notoriety when it served as the Chola Empire's capital throughout the Middle Ages. Numerous classical singers and Bharatanatyam dancers have been produced in this region. One of this place's most beloved handicrafts is the distinctive painting style known as Tanjore. It is also credited for creating the percussion instrument Thavil, which is utilised in Indian traditional music. It is referred to as Tamil Nadu's cultural centre and is well-known for its excellent craftsmen and age-old temples. Make sure you book into one of the many hotels in Thanjavur as you enjoy the surreal experience of the city.

Thanjavur is a significant location for South Indian design, culture, and spirituality. In and near Thanjavur lie the majority of the Great Living Chola Temples, which are UNESCO World Heritage Monuments. The Brihadeeswarar Temple, which is the most important of all, is situated in the city's heart. Tanjore painting, a regionally specific painting style, is also produced in Thanjavur. Thanjavur is a holy region with many amazing temples. Even though the city is small, there are many incredible sites to explore. Tanjore is a prospective agricultural region where corn, millets, and rice may be grown. Tanjore is renowned for producing Veenas and paintings. Every tourist attraction in this area is a living testament to Tanjore's illustrious past. 

Top Things To Do in Thanjavur
Some of India's most beautiful structures and well-preserved civilizations may be seen in Thanjavur. About 350 miles from Chennai, the town is situated in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Thanjavur encourages visitors to experience the ancient sites of India with its lively streets and places to eat that open early to begin the day's excursions.

The Brihadeshwara Temple, for example, popularly referred to as the Big Temple, is Thanjavur's main tourist destination. This temple was a work of architectural brilliance and was constructed under the rule of Raja Raja Chola, the Great Chola Emperor. You should definitely visit this place and learn more about the history. This temple is popular amongst pilgrims. It is surrounded by deep pits on each side, and the Grand Anaicut River runs through the other. The actual shrine is a 216 feet-tall building. There are several artworks from the Chola and Nayak eras around the sanctuary. At the entryway, a statue of Nandi the Bull greets visitors.
You will be enchanted and amazed by the beauty of the Gangaikonda Cholapuram and the Brihadishwara temple due to its heritage and craftsmanship. Gangaikonda Cholapuram is a location that is a testament to the town's artistic and technical prowess and the glory of one of India's finest civilizations, the Chola Empire. 

Within the Vijayanagar Fort is the Shiva Ganga Garden. It is another beauty in the city which is also accessible to the general public. It is a delight to visit this garden because it is nicely kept. The 16th-century monarchs constructed a square tank in the Siva Ganga Garden, which is still in use today and is renowned for its water's pleasant flavour.

Hotels in Thanjavur 
There are a good variety of hotels in Thanjavur, ranging from luxury to budget ones. You can book any of the Thanjavur hotels and enjoy your stay with the great amenities they provide. To meet the large number of visitors to the city, there are several hotels in Thanjavur. Thanjavur hotels are all welcoming establishments with attractively constructed rooms that are stocked with all the amenities.

Best Luxury Hotels in Thanjavur
The luxurious hotels in Thanjavur provide a one-of-a-kind experience against a vibrant cultural, social, and historical backdrop. Thanjavur hotels provide visitors with a wide range of lavish amenities, such as free parking, fast internet, kid-friendly activities, and a business centre with conference space. The attentive personnel will provide visitors with excellent service in spacious accommodations. Additionally, it will include every modern amenity a visitor might anticipate. Some of the best luxury hotels in Thanjavur are Temple Towers Hotel, Parisutham Hotel and Grand Ashok. 

Best Boutique Hotels in Thanjavur
The boutique hotels in Thanjavur provide a modern environment, excellent service, a lively ambiance, stylish decor, and a great vibe. They are well known for providing excellent service at reasonable costs. These Thanjavur hotels offer a lovely, inviting ambience that enhances the experience. The on-site restaurants provide the ideal backdrop for a relaxing stay since they are elegant, modern, and use local ingredients. These hotels in Thanjavur are located in distinctive and premium regions and have fewer rooms. Some of the best boutique hotels in Thanjavur are Tanjore Hi Hotel and Hotel Akshith Inn.

Best Budget Hotels in Thanjavur
Visitors will find several affordable hotels in Thanjavur. The major transit hubs of the city are easily accessible from these hotels because of their advantageous location. For the convenience of visitors, hotels in Thanjavur also provide 24-hour in-room sevices. There are several hotels that are low priced but provide good facilities that any guest would require on their trip. The best budget hotels in Thanjavur are PL.A.Residency, Oriental Towers Hotel and Tamil Nadu Hotel. These Thanjavur hotels offer a one-stop shop for reasonably priced accommodations. 

Best Hotels In Thanjavur For Couples/Solo Travellers
Couples might take historical tours together or engage in spiritual activities. Hotels in Thanjavur provide accommodations with views of the city, river, and temple. These Thanjavur hotels provide wonderful amenities including an open roof terrace for couples to enjoy the breathtaking city vista. Couples can also spend a lot of time together in the room or enjoying the various activities. The top hotels in Thanjavur for couples are Ideal River View Resort, Hotel RK and Sangam Hotel. The staff at these hotels take good care of couples and try to ensure that their guests have a memorable stay. 

Solo travellers often look for budget stays because they are travelling alone. They spend only a fraction of the time in the hotel and the majority of their time touring and exploring places. Accordingly, the top hotels in Thanjavur for solo travellers are Gnanam Hotel and Victoriyah Hotel. These hotels in Thanjavur provide the basic necessities that are required by any traveller and a few more facilities to make sure that the stay is comfortable and secure at the same time. 

Best Offbeat Places In Thanjavur Worth A Visit
Approximately two kilometres away from the Brihadeeswara temple lies the popular tourist destination Vijayanagar Fort. Early in the year 1550 AD, Nayak kings and certain Maratha rulers collaborated to construct this magnificent fort.

A Divyadesam, or grouping of three Vishnu temples, is what Thanjai Mamani Koil, in Thanjavur, is known as. It is one of India's 108 similar temple grounds. One of the numerous Lord Vishnu canonical tales is the source of the regional mythological tales for the temple.

The Bangaru Kamakshi Temple, another great place to visit, is situated in a popular and busy area of Thanjavur. Although this temple is surrounded by a few others, it undoubtedly has its unique significance. Its fame is largely attributed to the temple's lore and history. 

The Serfoji Sarasvati Mahal Library is listed as the most outstanding library of India. The library is not just among the rare remaining mediaeval ones in existence, but it is also well-stocked. The library has a decent variety of artwork, artworks, maps, and documents in addition to books. 

Best Time To Visit Thanjavur
Winter and the beginning of summer are the ideal times to visit Thanjavur. The weather is still pleasant and suitable for sightseeing. October to March are the ideal months to travel. There are several festivals held in Thanjavur. In Thanjavur, several Hindu festivals are grandly observed. Pongal is among the most eagerly anticipated occasions in Thanjavur and the whole region, and it is observed with tremendous fervour. It is among the most important festivals celebrated here. Tourists can book hotels in Thanjavur and enjoy the spirit of the occasion. 

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Most Popular AreaAnna Nagar
Highest Price₹ 8500
Lowest Price₹ 1008
Thanjavur Hotels155
Most Popular AttractionClock Tower

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FAQ About Hotels in Thanjavur


What are the branded hotels in Thanjavur?


Thanjavur has 2 branded hotel chains including Internal Chain , Raya Group Of Hotels Kumbakonam . Other than these branded Thanjavur hotels you can also choose your stay from popular non-branded hotels.


What type of properties are available in Thanjavur for booking?


Thanjavur has 117 Hotel , 14 Homestay , 10 Guest House , 7 Apartment , 4 Resort , 2 Villa , 1 Hostel for booking.


Which location have largest number of hotels in Thanjavur?


With 32 properties Anna Nagar have the maximum number of hotels in Thanjavur. 17 hotels at New Housing Unit, 15 hotels at John Selvaraj Nagar and 11 hotels at AVP Azhagammal Nagar are some other popular locations for Thanjavur hotels.


How many Thanjavur hotels are available for booking at Goibibo?


Total 155 properties are available for Thanjavur room booking. Out of which 2 hotels are 5-star, 1 hotels are 4-star, 42 hotels are 3-star,110 hotels are budget hotels in Thanjavur.Also Goibibo has 14 GoStays in Thanjavur, an especially categorised budget hotels.


Which are the popular luxury hotels in Thanjavur?


What are the popular hotels for unmarried couples in Thanjavur?


Goibibo has wide range of hotels for unmarried couples in Thanjavur.Some popular hotels among couples are Collection O Ark Inn , Subra Residency , Hotel Tanjore Inn . Book your Thanjavur hotel after reading thousands of guest reviews.


What are the popular places or landmark to book hotels in Thanjavur?


With 67 hotels Clock Tower is popular among the travelers for Thanjavur hotel booking. After that 67 hotels near Nageswaran Temple , 66 hotels near Adi Kumbeswarar Temple and 61 hotels near Dharasuram are famous landmarks for Thanjavur hotels booking.


Which are the top budget hotels in Thanjavur for stay?


What is the price range of hotels in Thanjavur?


Budget category of Thanjavur hotels starts from ₹518 and luxury room booking is starting from ₹1410.