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Book from 42 Budget Hotels in Sikar available at best prices starting from ₹640. Compare all Hotels basis reviews, amenities, prices and offers on Goibibo to select the best Budget Hotel in Sikar for your stay.

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Budget Hotels in Sikar

Sikar is a stunning historical place in Rajasthan's northeastern region, and it is a must-see for anyone who wants to visit Rajasthan. Sikar, an excellent tourist spot, boasts beautiful temples, museums, stunning gardens, forts, and other notable attractions. It has many sites that please everyone, regardless of age.

Some of the best budget hotels in Sikar are great places to explore the many shades of Indian culture and heritage that have attracted millions of tourists worldwide.
Sikar, a heritage city, located in Rajasthan's Shekhawati region between Agra and Bikaner, is known as the Shekhawati Region. It is famous for its elaborate architecture, including grand Havelis and fresco-adorned forts situated in the shadow of seven entrance gates. Cheap hotels in Sikar are a great place to relax, take photos, absorb the culture, and gaze at the fantastic monuments.

Sikar and other attractions in the Shekhawati area could make for an excellent trip for photographers. You can take a walk and absorb the culture while staying at budget hotels in Sikar. You can chat with the locals, admire the magnificent monuments, visit the royal palaces and enjoy the royal hospitality.

Sikar, a tourist attraction in Rajasthan's northeastern region, is quite popular. It is second in development after Jaipur's Pink City and serves as the administrative headquarter of the Sikar district. It shares its borders with the Jhunjhunu, Churu, Nagaur, and Jaipur state districts. It was once known as Beer Bhan Ka Bass, and it was the capital of Thikana Sikar which the Shekhawati monarchs ruled over.

Top Places to Visit in Sikar
These places might interest you if you're looking for an exotic vacation to Sikar. They are the best places to visit near-budget hotels in Sikar. Let's tour Sikar's most beautiful sites, which are a testament to the fantastic architecture of Indian tradition.

Tourists who are planning to visit Sikar on holiday can also visit Fatehpur. Nawab Fateh Khan (the Muslim Kayamkhani) founded it. This area is known for its royal forts. A famous Sikar shrine, the Khatushyamji Temple attracts many visitors throughout the year. In February and March, the Khatushyamji Fair takes place here. The fair showcases the vibrant folk culture and art forms of the region. Tourists can visit Ganeshwar and Jeenmata as well as Harasnath and Ramgarh while traveling to Sikar.

Deogarh, or Devgarh, is one of Sikar's most popular tourist destinations. The stunning Deogarh Mahal, perched high on the Aravalli mountain range, is one of the most visited attractions. Deogarh Mahal is a beautiful example of Rajasthani architecture, set amid serene landscapes and tranquil lakes.

Laxmangarh Fort was built by Laxman Singh, an ex-Raja of Sikar. It stands proudly on a hilltop and is one of the most popular places in Sikar.
Harshnath Temple, a famous shrine dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva, is one of the most visited places in Sikar. This architectural wonder is surrounded by the natural beauty and splendor of Aravalli Hills. It was built during the reign of Chahamana King Vigraharaja in the 10th Century.

The village is located near the charming town of Neem ka Thana. Ganeshwar is also an excavating site where you will find the remains of 4000-year-old civilizations.
Jeenmata, a tourist spot in Sikar that is regarded as the best, is located near Rewasa in Sikar District. The village's main attraction is the Temple dedicated to Jeen Mata, the Goddess of Power. It is believed that the holy statue of the Goddess dates back to 1000 years. During Navratri, Jeen Mata attracts a large number of devotees.

These are just a few of the fantastic spots you will find near cheap hotels in Sikar. This unique place has a rich heritage that you should not miss. This visit can be an opportunity to reclaim your true self with a value not yet discovered.

Budget Hotels in Sikar
Some of the best options are Dera Rawatsar, Tara Niwas, Hotel Pearl Palace, Samode Haveli, Milestone 251, Jaipur Hotel New - Heritage hotel, and Nakshatra hotel.
They are the most beautiful place in Sikar, with a collection of hotels once part of royal families. Every accommodation features stunning Indian architecture, marble floors, and modern amenities. You can also find a sauna, meditation center, and organic spa.

These budget hotels in Sikar have rambling gardens and an outdoor pool that offer guests luxurious accommodations. Modern travelers will find these suites with spacious interiors a welcoming retreat, especially the multiple dining options, including lounges on the terrace and a bar. These hotels also organize tours of nearby attractions through their concierge services.

These budget hotels in Sikar are surrounded by mountains and offer a peaceful view of sunsets and sunrises. Each room is elegantly designed and cleaned twice daily and has a great swimming pool with recreational spaces. But, the restaurants are strictly vegetarian food only. 

Enjoy a delicious breakfast and great food near Sikar, the city's heart. These hotels feature stunning architecture and interiors inspired by the rich local heritage. The units are air-conditioned and spacious, and guests can also enjoy a dip in the pool or relax in the lush garden.

The rooms of these budget hotels in Sikar are elegantly decorated with antiques and charming furniture. The restaurant also offers open-air dining, and they may also have a lush garden and sun terrace that offer deluxe loungers.

Best Hotels in Sikar for Honeymooners/Solo Travelers
The cheap hotels in Sikar, nestled in beautiful city gardens, offer cozy guesthouse that provides home-like comfort. The spacious rooms have a perfect mix of modern and traditional decor. The hotel has a lovely garden with ponds and serves delicious local and international dishes. There is also a restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch, as well as a terrace garden. Many activities can be done at these hotels, including a spa/wellness gym, a fitness center, a games room, and putting greens.

Some of the best options are WelcomeHeritage Traditional Haveli, Le Fort Homestay, Hotel Silver Pride, Trident Jaipur, and Hotel Meghniwas.

These budget hotels in Sikar offer quality, affordable accommodation that provides a unique experience for solo travelers. You can take a guided tour of Rajasthani architecture through the rooms. There is also a restaurant that serves traditional Rajasthani cuisines and offers a stunning view of the city. The hotel also has a clothing store that makes handmade delicates. This hotel provides Rajput hospitality, which two humble hosts oversee.
These elegant budget hotels in Sikar have beautiful domes, frescos, and painted archways. The rooms feature contemporary amenities, embroidery, and aromatic accents. The three exquisitely decorated dining rooms offer multi-cuisine dining.

These cheap hotels in Sikar offer rustic-looking rooms that provide the best accommodation for guests and their pets. Four options are available, each with an attached bathroom and air conditioning. You can enjoy breakfast with stunning views of the mountains, and you can also take cooking classes, themed dinner nights, and walking tours.

The rooms feature chic interior decor featuring hand-carved stones, paintings, and a variety of other artifacts. Moreover, the split-level rooms provide excellent living areas with balconies. Their multi-cuisine restaurant/bar offers delicious food and exotic beverages. These hotels can also have a spa, a pool, and a banquet hall. These budget hotels in Sikar are an excellent choice for budget-minded travelers looking for a comfortable and relaxing stay. All rooms are well-furnished and clean.  A wide seating area is available at the hotel, as well as a restaurant that offers complimentary continental breakfast. 

Top Areas to Stay in Sikar
Khandela is an ancient and stunning town with many cheap hotels in Sikar to tell the story of its Rajput rulers and their flourishing dynasties. This tiny town is filled with proud stories about the brave Rajputs who once ruled the land. Enjoy a heritage stay at Castle Khandela in Rajasthan, which Dr. Raisal Sing Khandela has transformed into a beautiful resort. 

You can live the life you dream of in the king's way. Enjoy an unforgettable experience unlike any other! This resort offers unparalleled comfort, top-notch amenities, warm hospitality, and Rajasthani culture. You will not want to leave.

Nehru Park, located on the green-side Sikar, is the largest park in the city. You can find an abundance of flora here during your outing, picnicking, or by just taking a walk. Locals also make this a popular spot for celebrating festivals such as Gangaur.

Best Time to Visit Sikar
Sikar is best visited between October and March; these months are Rajasthan's autumn, winter, and spring seasons. Tourists can enjoy sightseeing and activities at the top Sikar attractions in a dry climate with warm days and cool nights.

Sikar is best visited between October and March. Sikar, located in Rajasthan, experiences very hot and semi-arid heat, with temperatures reaching up to 45 to 50 degrees Celsius. As the temperature starts to drop, tourist excursions are possible. You might need to bring a pair of light woolens between October and March.
The climate is hot and semi-arid for most of the year. Winter is the best time to visit Sikar as it offers mild weather and is a great place to spend your vacation at budget hotels in Sikar.
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FAQs About Budget Hotels In Sikar


What type of properties are available in Sikar for booking?

Sikar has 34 in Hotel, 9 in Resort, 2 in Guest House, 1 in Apartment.

What are the popular Budget Hotels for unmarried couples in Sikar?

Goibibo has wide range of Budget Hotels for unmarried couples in Sikar. Some popular Budget Hotels among couples are Morchang Hotel & Resort, LOHIYA RESORT, ANAAYA HOTEL AND RESTAURANT, Hotel Hawk Eye, Deeppura Garh.

Which location have largest number of Budget Hotels in Sikar?

Popular areas with hotels are 9 in Station Road, 4 in Bikaner Bypass Road, 4 in Devipura, 1 in Industrial Area, 1 in Anand Nagar.

Which are the popular Budget Hotels hotels in Sikar?


How many Budget Hotels are available for booking in Sikar at Goibibo?

Sikar has 42 Budget Hotels for booking at Goibibo.

What are the branded hotels in Sikar?

Sikar has 2 branded hotel chains including 2 in Internal Chain.

What are the popular places or landmark to book Budget Hotels in Sikar?

Popular landmark with hotels are Nawalgarh Road, Sikar Junction Railway Station.

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