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Hotels in Chikhaldara

Chikhaldara is a tiny hill station in the Indian state of Maharashtra. As it is the only coffee-growing area in the region, it is loved by many tourists who come solely to taste the regions’ coffee. Apart from the coffee plantations, Chikhaldara boasts of quiet lakes, waterfalls, old forts, divine temples and mesmerising viewpoints. This place is jewelled with rich vegetation everywhere and is highly regarded as the popular summer retreat. A road trip with friends and family is a must if you are planning to enjoy holidays near Chikhaldara. Hotels in Chikhaldara are pleasant and offer a variety of facilities to make the tourists holidays more relaxing. 

If you are looking for Chikhaldara hotels, then you might want to stay at these popular hotel options. Hotel Harshawardhan Chikhaldara Maharashtra, The Hotel Maharana, and Bhima’s Paradise are some of the known hotels in the town. These hotels shower warm hospitality, customer-friendly facilities like free wifi, best dining and room service. These hotels also provide accommodations under budget. 

There are several hotels and resorts in Chikhaldara that attract tourists for their express services, warm interiors and out of the box services. Some cool resort options include Bamboohouse Resort, Resort Melghat, Aayushi Resorts, and Strawberry Hills Chikhaldara. These resorts are best in class with modern facilities, scenic and big outdoors, indoor games, parking facilities, security and daily housekeeping. 

Family vacationers often search for stay accommodations that are spacious, have enough room for the whole family, spacious gardens, kitchen facilities, and most of all, all in one place. For tourists, cottages in Chikhaldara comes out as the best options. Satpura Retreat Cottage is a well-known retreat for vacationers. It features campfire, barbeque, caretaker facilities, parking, lawn and more.  

Among the famous places to visit at this hill station are Gawilghur, Devi Point Road, Bhimkund, Narnala Fort. Muktagiri Temple and Virat Temple are famous temples that provide a magnificent backdrop of the hills and waterfalls. Semadoh Tiger Project, Gugamal National Park and Melghat Tiger Reserve are protected regions for tigers, wild deer, wild boars, elephants, panthers and many other indigenous animals. For children entertainment and education,  you can enjoy animal safaris like Chikhaldara Safari and Semadoh Safari. During these safaris, you can spot many endangered and endemic plants and animals species. Bir Lake, Kalapani Lake, and Panchal Point are some scenic landmarks to photograph and enjoy the quiet moments with your loved ones.

To enjoy the paradisiacal views and soothing weather of the town, book hotels in Chikhaldara Maharashtra on the Goibibo app now with latest deals and discounts. In addition, you can also check hotel policies, customer ratings and reviews to make a wiser decision. 

Let the beauty of Chikhladhara mesmerise you and give a token of best-ever holiday memory. 

Hotels In Chikhaldara- The Beautiful Hill Town!
Chikhaldara is a stunning hill town in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Due to its notable elevation of 1118 m, this location has a distinct specialty for coffee cultivation. It is reported that Captain Robinson from the Hyderabad Regiment made the discovery of Chikhaldara in 1823. The city beckons tourists for a memorable experience and a stay at the excellent hotels in Chikhaldara. 

The Chikhaldara town, which is part of the Amravati district, is best known for its wildlife sanctuary. The Chikhaldara region is a veritable haven for wildlife. The area is teeming with a variety of birds, animals, and plants that would enthral any enthusiast of nature or wildlife. Wild animals including panthers, sloth bears, sambar, wild boar, and very occasional wild dogs can be found in this high station.  

Don't forget to see the Narnala Fort and the Gawilgarh Fort if you enjoy art and history. In addition to being old and dating back hundreds of years, both forts provide windows into India's vibrant cultural history.

Things to do in Chikhaldara 
The Narnala Fort, which is a testament to the Mughals' impressive construction and long history, rises towering and solidly on an isolated slope of the Satpura mountain range. The mesmerising splendour of the fort, set against a backdrop of the clearest blue sky and a covering of greenery, is unmistakably memorable. 

In the centre of India, on the boundary between Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, sits Muktagiri, a well-known Jain pilgrimage site. It is a group of 52 temples located on the Satpura Mountain ranges in the middle of lush vegetation not far from a magnificent waterfall. The breathtaking setting is mind-blowing, particularly during the monsoon season when the waterfall gushes with gallons of crystal water and the foliage is lush and green. 

Panchol Point is one of the region's well-known and significant landmarks. From the north side of Bir Lake, a tar road leads to this valley. This valley is incredibly deep. You can hear at least five reflected echoes when you speak since the margins of the five hills are innately joined, which has linked all the valleys. It is way too prominent here. This is the reason why this point is sometimes referred to as Panchbol Point or Five Eco Point.  

Gugamal National Park, which is a component of the Melghat Tiger Reserve, draws a lot of visitors because it is one of the last places where Indian tigers are still found. The wild animals can find shelter in the bamboo groves where they have established a natural habitat, and their numbers have grown over time as a result of stringent conservation measures. 

Sunset Point is one of the top places to visit in Chikhaldara if you want to witness the splendour of the setting sun. On the Vairat hills in Vairat is Vairat Sunset Point. This viewpoint, which is well-liked by visitors, provides stunning and alluring views of the sunset settling within the numerous adjacent hillsides. 

Best Hotels in Chikhaldara
There is a wide range of hotels in Chikhaldara, from luxurious resorts to budget accommodations, to provide guests with a comfortable and peaceful stay. There are several hotels and villas that offer fantastic services to guests, like a pool, cafe & bar, spa, air-conditioned suites, etc. The opulent and tranquil surroundings of these hotels in Chikhaldara rejuvenate and reassure visitors. 

Best Luxury Hotels in Chikhaldara
People often prefer booking a luxury hotel when they go for a trip for a little self indulgence during the vacation. With top-class hospitality and service, these hotels in Chikhaldara have an amazing ambience and beautiful infrastructure. The rooms are spacious with an eye for detailing in terms of the amenities offered. You also have access to the club and lounge areas of the hotel where you can relax in case you do not want to step out. Check out the on-site bars and the varied cuisines offered by these Chikhaldara hotels. Some of the best luxury hotels in Chikhaldara are Satpura Retreat Cottage | Rooms & Restaurant, Bamboohouse Resort and MTDC Chikhaldara. They feature top-notch amenities including lounge cafes and restaurants serving many cuisines. Thousands of visitors can be accommodated in the spacious meeting and wedding halls of these Chikhaldara hotels. For a more affluent experience, they also offer cosy, elegant suites. These hotels in Chikhaldara are well-liked choices for eating and hospitality, particularly for family vacations. 

Best Boutique Hotels In Chikhaldara
Your holiday will be unforgettable because of the impeccable service and spacious accommodations provided by the boutique hotels in Chikhaldara. Without spending a lot of money, you will experience what it's like to stay in premium hotels in Chikhaldara. The bedrooms at these Chikhaldara hotels also have stunning views. You will find facilities like free wifi, outdoor recreation, yoga, tours and excursions, and cafés in addition to the superb meals at these hotels in Chikhaldara. For business travellers visiting Chikhaldara, a number of upscale boutique hotels have fully equipped meeting rooms. The top boutique hotels in Chikhaldara make it simpler to arrange business meetings and any kind of events and gatherings. Some of the boutique hotels in Chikhaldara are Raja Kothi, Strawberry Hills Chikhaldara and Aayushi Resorts. It is simpler to arrange wedding festivities and a variety of other celebrations and gatherings in the hotels in Chikhaldara thanks to the best banquet facilities.  

Best Budget Hotels In Chikhaldara
There are several great options for affordable lodging and hotels in Chikhaldara. With spacious and comfortable rooms on offer, these hotels take care to keep the area tidy and the visitors' security in mind.  They provide basic laundry and lodging services. Additionally, these hotels in Chikhaldara offer transports to bus stops and train terminals upon request. Some of them feature restaurants with a wide selection of other mouthwatering treats and a vast menu that offers guests a free breakfast. These Chikhaldara hotels have amenities like wireless internet in the rooms along with excellent connected bathrooms. Some of the budget hotels in Chikhaldara are Surya Resort, BTP Inn and Harshawardhan Chikhaldara. 

Best Hotels In Chikhaldara For Newlyweds/Couples And Solo Travellers 
Suites/rooms of these hotels in Chikhaldara are specially designed for couples who want to spend some quality time with each other. With a super-easy check-in and check-out facility and a couple-friendly environment, all these amenities will make your couple trip memorable. Newlyweds can have a romantic lunch by the poolside or even request that the hotel staff set up a special candlelight meal on the rooftop. You can both indulge in spa treatments or a sauna bath for the ultimate relaxation. They can enjoy the sunrise or sunset from the balconies of the hotels with a hilltop view room, which creates an extremely romantic setting. Suites/rooms of these hotels in Chikhaldara are specially designed for couples who want to spend some quality time with each other. Some of the hotels in Chikhaldara for couples are Resort Shankar Muni Chikhaldara, Tasya Heritage Hotel and Raja Kothi.
If you're travelling alone, there are hotels in Chikhaldara for you as well! It goes without saying that you want to meet new people, attend conferences, and do business when you travel alone or for work. Some of the hotels for travelling solo are Hotel Rudraksh Chikhaldara, Bhima's Paradise and The Hotel Maharana.  

Best Time to Visit Chikhaldara
Chikhaldara is a charming hill station that may be visited throughout the year, though it is most well-known as a summer getaway. Winters are frigid in Chikhaldara, but the place looks picturesque and magical during this time of the year. However, if you're ever planning on visiting Chikhaldara during winters be prepared for extreme cold weather as the temperatures fall below 10 degrees.  

The monsoon showers in Chikhaldara begin from July and continue till September. The weather during this time of the year is delightful. The entire place has a serene ambience during the monsoons while the hill goes under the process of rejuvenation, enriching a sense of tranquillity.  

Chikhaldara is a favourite retreat during the summer season from March to June. The weather during this period is pleasant and will provide you solace from the intense heat. The days are warm and in spite of the warmth, light jackets or shawls are advised as the nights are chilly. It's the ideal place to escape the heat because of the chilly, windy weather at this time of year. The entire area is surrounded by the stunning splendour of verdant hills and lush green trees.  

A touch of warmth in the air makes for the ideal conditions for getting lost in the bush. A visit to Chikhaldara at any time of year will be a rewarding and fulfilling experience because, aside from the summers, the winter and monsoon seasons experience a temperate climate. 

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Which are the top budget hotels in Chikhaldara for stay?


What type of properties are available in Chikhaldara for booking?


Chikhaldara has 9 Hotel , 6 Resort , 1 Homestay , 1 Villa for booking.


What are the popular hotels for unmarried couples in Chikhaldara?


Goibibo has wide range of hotels for unmarried couples in Chikhaldara.Some popular hotels among couples are Hotel natraj pour veg restaurant and Cafe , Flagship Tasya Heritage , Surya Resort . Book your Chikhaldara hotel after reading thousands of guest reviews.


How many Chikhaldara hotels are available for booking at Goibibo?


Total 17 properties are available for Chikhaldara room booking. Out of which 3 hotels are 3-star,14 hotels are budget hotels in Chikhaldara.

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