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Indian Railways has taken multiple steps to facilitate safe transit of passengers.

  • General Guidelines for Special Passenger Trains Starting 12th May
    • These trains will have only AC coaches and have limited stoppages.
    • Tickets booked earlier prior to 11th May for travel during this period are not eligible for these trains.
    • No provision of tatkal and premium tatkal accommodation provided.
    • No RAC or waitlist ticket will be issued.
    • The movement of the passenger(s), as well as the driver of the vehicle transporting the passenger(s) to and fro the railway station, shall be allowed on the basis of the confirmed e-ticket.
    • The passengers shall reach the station at least 90 minutes in advance to facilitate thermal screening at the station.
    • The refunding for the cancellation of tickets will be 50% of the fare.
    • The online cancellation of tickets will be permitted for up to 24 hours.
  • Sanitised Environment
    • A/C Coaches: Trains to have only AC coaches and limited stoppages.
    • Entry-Restrictions at Station: Only passengers with CONFIRMED e-ticket to enter the railway station.
    • Thermal Screening: Passengers to reach railway station at least 90 minutes in advance to facilitate thermal screening. Only asymptomatic passengers to be allowed to board the train.
    • Pre-Blocked Seats: All seats not to be made available for booking to facilitate social distancing.
    • No Catering and Linen: No blankets, sheets, towels or meals to be provided on-board. Passengers are advised to carry their own.
    • Mandatory Masks for Passengers: Passengers to wear masks at all times.
    • Hand Sanitizers: Passengers to be given hand sanitiser at entry, exit points at the station and inside coaches.
  • Trained Staff
    • Mandatory Masks for Staff: All railway support and security staff to wear masks.
    • Social Distancing: Railway staff to ensure standard social distancing guidelines at stations, and while boarding/de-boarding in trains.
  • Safety Practices & Other guidelines
    • Destination-Specific Protocols: Passengers to follow health protocols as prescribed by the destination state/UT.
    • Separate Entry & Exit Gates: Separate entry and exit gates to be designated at railway stations wherever possible.
    • Ticketing Guidelines: No provision for tatkal, RAC or waitlist to avoid crowding at stations.

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