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What is goCash & it’s Validity?+
  • Earned by participating in various promotional activities of goibibo such as cash backs, referral and
    rewards and transactions done with us.
  • goCash can be gifted to any user on their mobile number
  • Has usage restrictions as per details in section 3
  • Validity of gocash is only 90 days from the date of earning gocash. Gift goCash is valid for 7 days.
  • With goCash you can have:-
    • Discounted Bookings - Using gocash balance available in your wallet
    • Lightning fast transactions - It enables you to book any ticket instantly only on goibibo.com with your goibibo
    • account.
    • Safe & Secure - Your goCash is 100% encrypted and ONLY you can use it.
How to Earn goCash?+
How to Use goCash & Rules ?+
Refer & Earn+
goCash Cancellation rules & Other rules+
What is goCash++
  • goCash+ is our travel booking currency which can be used without any restrictions or limits of use. However the usage is subject to minimum transaction values as mentioned below
  • goCash+ usage is subject to taxes.
  • goCash+ earned from Cancellation has unlimited validity and no minimum transaction limit
  • goCash+ earned from contacts syncing or any promotional activity has a validity of only 90 days from date of issue. goCash+ earned by cancellations has unlimited validity.
How to earn goCash+?+
How to Use goCash+ & Rules+
Sync and Earn Gocash plus+
Other usage rules+
  • For new users Download goibibo app, sign up and go to the gocash tab on app
  • For existing users log in and go to the gocash tab on app menu
  • Refer your friends to download the goibibo App via free SMS, WhatsApp or any social media using your code
  • You get Rs.300 goCash+, Your Friend gets Rs.300 goCash+
  • For further reward program details, please click here
  • The goContact rewards program is systematic Gocashplus earning program which can be used to get flat discounts on all your bookings on goibibo. To be a part of gocontact rewards program and start earning gocash plus download the app & sync your phonebook
  • The maximum earning capacity is defined with increased number of friends joining goibibo. For further details please click here
Badges Contacts on Goibibo Earned per transaction Maximum wallet Earning
Bronze 0-5 50 300
Silver 6-10 50 400
Gold 11-50 50 500
Platinum 51-100 50 600
Titanium 100+ 50 700
  • Bronze Badge: This is super easy to earn! Even if less than 5 of your synced contacts are on Goibibo, the badge is yours. Your goCash+ wallet can earn upto Rs.300. But if you remain here, you won’t be able to save as much. So, buckle up for the next level!

  • Silver Badge: Once you have around 6 to 10 of your synced contacts on goibibo, you earn yourself a Silver Badge. With this, you could earn upto Rs.400 in your goCash+ Wallet. And if you’ve reached here, getting Gold must be a cakewalk for you!

  • Gold Badge: It signifies that just like us, you love travel. If the number of your synced contacts on goibibo is between 11 and 50, you earn yourself a Gold Badge and an upgrade in your goCash+ Wallet. It can now earn upto Rs.500 worth of travel savings. Keep the momentum going, Level Up to Platinum!

  • Platinum Badge: If you keep your energy levels high & keep syncing your contacts, you earn the Platinum Badge in no time. And with this your goCash+ wallet upgrades to Rs.600. Just make sure that around 51 to 100 of your synced contacts are on goibibo and you’re good to go. By the way, we can see the Titanium Badge on you already! So, Go for it!

  • Titanium Badge: Congratulations! Being a seasoned traveler, you have over 100 of your synced contacts on goibibo. And that means you earn yourself a Titanium Badge. You deserve to save maximum on travel and that’s why your goCash+ wallet limit upgrades to Rs.700 in this final level. Now Sit Back, Relax and keep booking your travel with us!

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