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Buses To Tiruchirapalli

Popular Operators

Chennai to Tiruchirappalli

2h 5m (appx.)

TNSTC,Apple Travels,Luxe Xpress,Rithish Travels,Vivegam Travels,Jerusalem Travels,Shalom Career,Sri Krishna Travels,City Express Travels (Trichy),NT Xpress,Tippusultan Travels,Sun Light Travels,Vetri Travels,National travels madurai,SST Travels,RKT Tours and Travels,R.P.N Travels,National Travels CHN,APS Travels,Krs travels,Rp Tours and Travels,Sree KKR Tours and Travels,V2K Travels,IntrCity SmartBus,Nimmadhi Travels,MBT Travels,Thirumal Alaghu Travels (TAT),Sri Kumaran Travels,Sri Thirupathy Balaji Tours and Travels,KCMS Travels,SGS Travels,Shama Sardar Travels HPM,Sri SMS Travels,Vkv travels,SJT Nellai,MJT Travels,YBM Travels,Sri Renganathan Travels,Vairam Travels,Naveen Travels,PR Travels,Sri Ayyan Travels,Margic Transports,AAA Travels,Hamad Transport,Hamsa Tours and Travels,Indhira Travels,Chinnavar Travels,Ivar Travels,Parveen Travels,Penguin tours and travels,Thirumalaivasan Transports,Jai Hanuman Travels,KSM Travels,Swasti Travels,AaRa Travels,Apple Bus,Bharathi Travels,CTS Travels and Tours,Cee Jay Trans,KVN Tourism and Travels,Lucky travels (lucky kitta),MRM Travels,Madurai balajee tours & travels,NRT (New Roshan Travels),Naanal Travels,RMJ Travels,Red Express Travels,Siva AMR Tours and Travels,Siva Sankari Travels,Sri Venkatachalapathy Tours And Travels,Sri ramajayam travels,Ajna Travels,Aski AR Transport,Dhanalakshmi Travels,Jupiter,MKS Travels,OSM Travels,RKN Transqueen,Sri Sapthagiri Transports,TTP Tours and Travels,Vaishnavi Travels,Yogamaya Travels,Kumari Express,Ayush Tours and Travels,Jayavin Travels,Ramya Travels,Narayanamoorthy Travels,Rani Travels,Royal Travels,Madurai Pandian,Alagappa travels,MSM Transport,Thangam Travels,Rams Travels,VRS Travels,RP Tours and Travels,Nanban Travels,Deenu Tours and Travel,Sri Bhagiyalakshmi Tours and Travels,Sri Gajapathy Travels,Kerala lines,Subra roadways,Sun Express Travels,RHS Roadlines,RBT Travels,Samy Travels,Blue Birds Travels,CTC Travels,Ramu travels,Raahath Transport,Vijay Travels,SJT (Gomathi),Sri ayyan Travels,Seyon Transports,Easy trip travels,Travel Inn,Ismail Lucky Travels,Narayanamoorthy Travels Chennai,AMR Tours and Travels,Azul transports,CVT Bus,Win Tours and Travels,MSH Travels,Selva Murugan Travels,Evans Tours and Travels,Aron Transports,VNS Travels,TTT Travels,Vignesh TATranscars,Universal Travels,Mmm travels,MSK Travels,JeyaMurugan Travels,Mettur Super Services(mss),RKK Travels,Sri Krishna Travels,Palani Jothi Travels,Sri Hari Travels,S B T Tours And Travels,Ignatius Travels,LNT (Lukshmi Narayan Travels),Sai Tours and Travels,MBC Fleets Tours and Travels,Dev lines,Amarnath travels,Essaar,My Master,Annai Travels,TILAK TOURS AND TRAVELS,Finch travels,GKM Travels,PSNA Travels,GVD Travels,Sri Annam Travels,JPS Travels,MRM Travels,Wheels Tourist Transports,KUEBR ROADLINES,Abrar Travels,KRC Travel Access,Abi and Abi Express,Sri Renu Travels,ONGO TRANZ,CRP Bus,Orange tours and travels,Green Line Travels,Selvam Travels,Egloo Travels,HARTHIKA TRAVELS,Geetha’s Tours And Travels,DARSHINI TOURS AND TRAVELS,Finch travels,RST Roadways,ABINIV TRAVELS,Muthumari Travels,Annamalai Travels,Sri Vadapalani Murugan,Hail Trip,New United Travels,SUBAM TRAVELS,AVK Travels,KG Travels,VEERA TRAVELS,Universal bus (ubs),Subbu Travels,Hari Balaji Transport,VGP TRAVELS,SVM Services,Suhara Travels (SRK),ALEGRIA HOLIDAYS,Shri Bhagiyalakshimi Travels

₹ 300


330 Buses

Coimbatore to Tiruchirappalli

3h 3m (appx.)

Essaar,RKT Tours and Travels,City Travels,Mayurra travels,SPS Travels India,Sri Bala Tours and Travels,Universal Travels,A1 Travels,Margic Transports,AST Travels,Air Indiaa Travels,National travels madurai,Taj Tours and Travels,Boys Travels,MVA Travels,Rolsun Travels,S B T Tours And Travels,Sri Maha Transport,Sri Sapthagiri Transports,Rathimeena travels,OSM Travels,AVS Travels,Afshee Travels,Rithish Travels,Nbs travels,TNSTC,RMJ Travels,Geetha’s Tours And Travels,MRM Travels,JeyaMurugan Travels,IRISH TRAVELS,Sri Renu Travels,SAT Tours and Travels,Annai Travels,Mariya Tours and Travels,VAV Travels,Sri AVS Travels,Ananda Travels,CRP Bus,Soumya Tours and Travels,Sri Vadapalani Murugan,Rathimeena Travels,Royal Travels,Sri Thirupathy Balaji Tours and Travels

₹ 200


58 Buses

Nagercoil to Tiruchirappalli

4h 15m (appx.)

Vetri Travels,Universal Travels,Shalom Career,Parveen Travels,TNSTC,Aron Transports,Sri Renugambal Travels,Orange tours and travels,Jayavin Travels,PKR Travels,Azul transports,Taj Tours and Travels,TILAK TOURS AND TRAVELS,RKK Travels,Apple Bus,Rams Travels,Kerala lines,Apple Travels,IntrCity SmartBus,Kumari Express,YBM Travels,Vijay Travels,MRM Travels,Aakash Travels,Jupiter,Vignesh TATranscars,Jerusalem Travels,Infant Jesus Travels,Sri Vaari Travels,Hamad Transport,SJT (Gomathi),JBT Travels,Tippusultan Travels

₹ 368


49 Buses

Karanampettai, Coimbatore to Tiruchirappalli

3h 0m (appx.)

TNSTC,A1 Travels,Universal Travels,Essaar,RMJ Travels,Afshee Travels,RKT Tours and Travels,Mayurra travels,AVS Travels,City Travels,Margic Transports,Rolsun Travels,Geetha’s Tours And Travels,Boys Travels,Annai Travels,Air Indiaa Travels,SAT Tours and Travels,Mariya Tours and Travels,VAV Travels,Sri AVS Travels,Sri Bala Tours and Travels,Ananda Travels,Sri Renu Travels,IRISH TRAVELS,CRP Bus,Rathimeena Travels,Sri Vadapalani Murugan,Sri Thirupathy Balaji Tours and Travels

₹ 224


43 Buses

Bengaluru to Tiruchirappalli

5h 45m (appx.)

GreenLine Travels And Holidays,MMK Travels,Royal Travels,Vairam Travels,Yahweh Orbit,RKT Tours and Travels,Sam Tourist,S B T Tours And Travels,JTS Tours and Travels,Dream Liner Travels,TNSTC,SRS Travels,Universal bus (ubs),Sharma Transports,YBM Travels,Raahath Transport,Rathimeena travels,Sri Renganathan Travels,SLV JPT Tours and Travels,Universal Travels,Kurunchi Travels,Rathimeena Travels,Dream Line Travels Pvt Ltd,Sam Tours and Travels,InterCity SafeBus,Vijay Lines,Orange tours and travels,Suraj Holidays,Siddaganga Tours and Travels,City Express Travels (Trichy),SLV JPT Tours & Travels,Mithran Tours and Travels

₹ 432


43 Buses

Hosur to Tiruchirappalli

4h 4m (appx.)

GreenLine Travels And Holidays,MMK Travels,RKT Tours and Travels,Royal Travels,TNSTC,Vairam Travels,Yahweh Orbit,S B T Tours And Travels,SRS Travels,Universal bus (ubs),Raahath Transport,YBM Travels,Sri Renganathan Travels,SLV JPT Tours and Travels,Sharma Transports,Universal Travels,Kurunchi Travels,Rathimeena Travels,InterCity SafeBus,Dream Line Travels Pvt Ltd,Sam Tourist,Vijay Lines,JaiSai Roadlinks,Siddaganga Tours and Travels,City Express Travels (Trichy),SLV JPT Tours & Travels,Mithran Tours and Travels

₹ 308


41 Buses

Villupuram to Tiruchirappalli

1h 45m (appx.)

Hamad Transport,Parveen Travels,Sri Kumaran Travels,Vetri Travels,Mmm travels,YBM Travels,Sri Krishna Travels,Rams Travels,Ivar Travels,IntrCity SmartBus,Shalom Career,Thirumal Alaghu Travels (TAT)

₹ 599


39 Buses

Tindivanam to Tiruchirappalli

2h 15m (appx.)

Vetri Travels,Madurai balajee tours & travels,Parveen Travels,Hamad Transport,Azul transports,Rams Travels,Evans Tours and Travels,Mmm travels,Sri Kumaran Travels,Ayush Tours and Travels,Jupiter,Infant Jesus Travels,Thirumal Alaghu Travels (TAT),IntrCity SmartBus,NT Xpress,SUBAM TRAVELS

₹ 351


36 Buses

Tirunelveli to Tiruchirappalli

3h 3m (appx.)

Vetri Travels,Universal Travels,Shalom Career,Parveen Travels,MJT Travels,Sri Renugambal Travels,TNSTC,Apple Bus,Jolly Tours and Travels,Aron Transports,Apple Travels,Ramya Travels,PKR Travels,Taj Tours and Travels,Rams Travels,RKT Tours and Travels,IntrCity SmartBus,Hamad Transport,YBM Travels,Aakash Travels,Jupiter,Vignesh TATranscars,Jerusalem Travels,Rathimeena Travels,Tippusultan Travels

₹ 289


34 Buses

Tiruppur to Tiruchirappalli

2h 35m (appx.)

RKT Tours and Travels,Essaar,City Travels,Mayurra travels,A1 Travels,SPS Travels India,AVS Travels,Afshee Travels,Geetha’s Tours And Travels,Sri Bala Tours and Travels,Air Indiaa Travels,Annai Travels,Rathimeena travels,IRISH TRAVELS,VAV Travels,Ananda Travels,Soumya Tours and Travels,Sri Vadapalani Murugan,Rathimeena Travels,CRP Bus,Universal Travels

₹ 249


27 Buses

Buses From Tiruchirapalli

Popular Operators

Tiruchirappalli to Chennai

4h 0m (appx.)

TNSTC,SST Travels,RKT Tours and Travels,Shalom Career,Sri Renganathan Travels,RST Roadways,Sri Ayyan Travels,AAA Travels,Parveen Travels,KCMS Travels,National Travels CHN,IntrCity SmartBus,Nimmadhi Travels,Vetri Travels,Swasti Travels,Thirumal Alaghu Travels (TAT),Vkv travels,Vairam Travels,Sree KKR Tours and Travels,Sri Kumaran Travels,Chinnavar Travels,Ivar Travels,Krs travels,Siva Sankari Travels,Rithish Travels,MJT Travels,YBM Travels,Apple Travels,Hamad Transport,Luxe Xpress,MKS Travels,NT Xpress,RKN Transqueen,Raahath Transport,Red Express Travels,Sri Thirupathy Balaji Tours and Travels,V2K Travels,AaRa Travels,Ajna Travels,Cee Jay Trans,KSM Travels,MVA Travels,Madurai balajee tours & travels,National travels madurai,Selva Murugan Travels,Yogamaya Travels,Muthumari Travels,Siva AMR Tours and Travels,Ayush Tours and Travels,Margic Transports,Sun Light Travels,Vignesh TATranscars,Jai Hanuman Travels,MSM Transport,Royal Travels,Aron Transports,Thangam Travels,Varadhan Travels,VRS Travels,Nanban Travels,RP Tours and Travels,Sri Gajapathy Travels,Sri Bhagiyalakshmi Tours and Travels,Ramya Travels,Sri Renugambal Travels,Subra roadways,Easy trip travels,Sri ayyan Travels,Jayavin Travels,Travel Inn,MSH Travels,Blue Birds Travels,CVT Bus,Vijay Travels,Ismail Lucky Travels,Rams Travels,Azul transports,Bharathi Travels,Evans Tours and Travels,SGS Travels,MSK Travels,Sri Renu Travels,RKK Travels,MBC Fleets Tours and Travels,Apple Bus,Sri Krishna Travels,Palani Jothi Travels,Alagappa travels,Vivegam Travels,GVD Travels,LNT (Lukshmi Narayan Travels),Aski AR Transport,Ignatius Travels,Kerala lines,Sai Tours and Travels,SPG Travels,Essaar,Kurunchi Travels,My Master,SJT Nellai,KRC Travel Access,Shri baghyalakshmi travels (sblt),PSNA Travels,JPS Travels,KUEBR ROADLINES,Abrar Travels,MRM Travels,CRP Bus,Selvam Travels,Deenu Tours and Travel,Orange tours and travels,HARTHIKA TRAVELS,DARSHINI TOURS AND TRAVELS,Oh!ho,Finch travels,Jupiter,Ramu travels,Infant Jesus Travels,Narayanamoorthy Travels,Hail Trip,Thirumalaivasan Transports,KG Travels,VEERA TRAVELS,New United Travels,Sri bangaru travels,ALEGRIA HOLIDAYS

₹ 331


221 Buses

Tiruchirappalli to Bengaluru

5h 5m (appx.)

MMK Travels,Vairam Travels,Yahweh Orbit,GreenLine Travels And Holidays,Royal Travels,RKT Tours and Travels,Sam Tourist,TNSTC,SRS Travels,Sharma Transports,Universal bus (ubs),Raahath Transport,Rathimeena travels,Sri Renganathan Travels,Swamy Ayyappa Travels,Shanthi Travels,Universal Travels,Kurunchi Travels,MSK Travels,Rathimeena Travels,Dream Line Travels Pvt Ltd,InterCity SafeBus,Sam Tours and Travels,Orange tours and travels,Vijay Lines,Siddaganga Tours and Travels,JaiSai Roadlinks,SLV JPT Tours & Travels,Mithran Tours and Travels

₹ 400


42 Buses

Tiruchirappalli to Hosur

4h 5m (appx.)

GreenLine Travels And Holidays,MMK Travels,RKT Tours and Travels,Royal Travels,TNSTC,Vairam Travels,Yahweh Orbit,SRS Travels,YBM Travels,Raahath Transport,Rathimeena travels,Sri Renganathan Travels,Universal bus (ubs),Shanthi Travels,Universal Travels,Kurunchi Travels,Rathimeena Travels,Dream Line Travels Pvt Ltd,Vijay Lines,Siddaganga Tours and Travels,JaiSai Roadlinks,SLV JPT Tours & Travels

₹ 308


37 Buses

Tiruchirappalli to Villupuram

1h 35m (appx.)

Vetri Travels,Parveen Travels,Sri Kumaran Travels,Ismail Lucky Travels,Sri Krishna Travels,YBM Travels,TNSTC,Hamad Transport,Shalom Career

₹ 170


36 Buses

Tiruchirappalli to Coimbatore

4h 0m (appx.)

City Travels,Essaar,RKT Tours and Travels,A1 Travels,Margic Transports,SPS Travels India,Universal Travels,MVA Travels,TNSTC,Sri Sapthagiri Transports,Air Indiaa Travels,Boys Travels,Mayurra travels,Afshee Travels,Sri Renu Travels,Little Flower Hoildays,MMS TRAVELS,Fareena Tours and Travels,Rathimeena Travels,Royal Travels,Sri Thirupathy Balaji Tours and Travels

₹ 224


32 Buses

Tiruchirappalli to Nagercoil

4h 3m (appx.)

TNSTC,Universal Travels,Shalom Career,Parveen Travels,Vetri Travels,Jayavin Travels,Sri Renugambal Travels,Aron Transports,Rams Travels,TILAK TOURS AND TRAVELS,IntrCity SmartBus,YBM Travels,Vijay Travels,RKK Travels,Vignesh TATranscars,PKR Travels,Hamad Transport,Apple Travels,SJT (Gomathi),Jupiter

₹ 368


31 Buses

Tiruchirappalli to Tirunelveli

3h 35m (appx.)

TNSTC,Universal Travels,Parveen Travels,Vetri Travels,Sri Renugambal Travels,MJT Travels,Aron Transports,Rams Travels,RKT Tours and Travels,TILAK TOURS AND TRAVELS,Hamad Transport,IntrCity SmartBus,YBM Travels,Vijay Travels,Vignesh TATranscars,Apple Travels,PKR Travels,Jupiter

₹ 289


30 Buses

Tiruchirappalli to Krishnagiri

3h 4m (appx.)

MMK Travels,Vairam Travels,RKT Tours and Travels,Yahweh Orbit,SRS Travels,YBM Travels,Raahath Transport,Shanthi Travels,Universal Travels,Kurunchi Travels,Rathimeena Travels,Sri renganathan travels,Dream Line Travels Pvt Ltd,InterCity SafeBus,Sam Tourist,JaiSai Roadlinks,Vijay Lines,Siddaganga Tours and Travels,SLV JPT Tours & Travels

₹ 450


29 Buses

Tiruchirappalli to Tindivanam

1h 2m (appx.)

Parveen Travels,Vetri Travels,Ayush Tours and Travels,NT Xpress,Evans Tours and Travels,Hamad Transport,Rams Travels,Sri Kumaran Travels,YBM Travels

₹ 630


28 Buses

Tiruchirappalli to Madurai

0h 54m (appx.)

TNSTC,Sri Kumaran Travels,Parveen Travels,Vetri Travels,RKT Tours and Travels,Hamad Transport,Sri Renugambal Travels,Ramya Travels,AaRa Travels,RKK Travels,Aron Transports,M Saravanan Travels,Rams Travels,YBM Travels,Vijay Travels,PKR Travels

₹ 141


23 Buses

Pickup points in Tiruchirapalli

  • Omni Bus Stand
  • Others

Drop points in Tiruchirapalli

  • Others

Popular Bus Types in Tiruchirappalli

Tiruchirappalli Bus services

Book Your Tickets for Tiruchirappalli Buses on Goibibo

Tiruchirappalli is one of the most gorgeous tourist destinations in India. It is known for its scenic landscapes and amazing tourist spots. Plenty of Tiruchirappalli buses run on the popular routes every day. You can board one of the buses and reach your destination. Moreover, the bus journey to Tiruchirappalli from nearby cities is comfortable. You can book a Tiruchirappalli bus on Goibibo at affordable rates.

Things to Do in Tiruchirappalli

From the beautiful tourist spots to the pleasant nights, there is plenty to experience in Tiruchirappalli. Moreover, the local cuisine of Tiruchirappalli is unmissable. You can try out the street food as well the local delicacies from the restaurants. You will find that all its bus routes come with multiple refreshment stops. Moreover, the roads are well-made which ensures a safe journey.

Tiruchirappalli Buses Amenities

is one of the closest cities to Tiruchirappalli. If you are taking a bus to Tiruchirappalli, you can reach there within a short period of time. Whenever you plan to book bus online, always check the timings, boarding points, dropping points, and other important details. You can also travel to nearby cities from Tiruchirappalli.

Depending on your budget, you can book different kinds of Tiruchirappalli buses. Some of the basic amenities that you can get on booking one of the Tiruchirappalli buses are as follows:

  • Charging points
  • Reading lights
  • Water bottles
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Regarding the toilet facilities, you will find that there are plenty of stoppages throughout the route. So, you can freshen up at one of the restaurants.

    Tiruchirappalli Buses Ticket Fare

    The ticket fare of Tiruchirappalli buses depends on various factors such as the city you are travelling to, the type of bus you have chosen as well as your bus operators. The Tiruchirappalli buses ticket fare starts from INR 100 per head. You can book your Tiruchirappalli bus tickets at the lowest price on the Goibibo portal. On Goibibo, you can also get instant discounts and offers.

    Boarding Points in Tiruchirappalli

    When you’re boarding the bus from Tiruchirappalli, you should be aware of all the boarding points. We suggest you to reach your nearest boarding point at the earliest to make sure that you don’t miss your bus. Some of the popular boarding points in Tiruchirappalli are as follows:

  • Omni Bus Stand
  • Others

  • Dropping Points in Tiruchirappalli

    Tiruchirappalli has some similar boarding and dropping points. When you’re travelling travelling to Tiruchirappalli, you should know about all its dropping points in Tiruchirappalli. Below, we’re mentioning a few dropping points in Tiruchirappalli.

  • Others

  • Get Your Tiruchirappalli Bus Tickets on Goibibo

    On Goibibo, you get instant discounts, and your bus journey also becomes more comfortable and safer. All the bus operators listed on the travel portal are top-rated and follow the safety guidelines. During the Covid-19 situation, special care has been taken to ensure the safety of passengers. The buses are sanitized after the journey. The temperature of the drivers is checked before the journey. Moreover, it is mandatory for the passengers and drivers to wear their masks. The experience of booking Tiruchirappalli buses is seamless and hassle-free on Goibibo. You can find Tiruchirappalli buses on Goibibo as per your unique travel needs. Goibibo offers exciting discounts and offers on making bus ticket booking online. Please note that not all the buses operating on the Tiruchirappalli bus routes are GPS enabled. If you’re booking the luxury buses, you will find toilet facilities. You can also contact the 24/7 customer support service to resolve all your booking-related queries.

    FAQs About Tiruchirappalli Buses

    Q. What are the popular boarding points from Tiruchirappalli?

    A. Popular boarding points from Tiruchirappalli are Omni Bus Stand, Others, etc. Book Now

    Q. What are the popular dropping points in Tiruchirappalli?

    A. Popular dropping points in Tiruchirappalli are Others, etc. Book Now

    Q. What are the top bus routes from Tiruchirappalli?

    Q. What are the top bus routes to Tiruchirappalli?

    Q. What are the top operators serving to Tiruchirappalli bus?

    Q. What all types of buses available in Tiruchirappalli?

    A. We are serving NON A/C Seater (2+1), Bharat Benz A/C Seater /Sleeper (2+1), Volvo Multi-Axle B9R Semi Sleeper (2+2), Volvo Multi-Axle A/C Semi Sleeper (2+2), A/C Sleeper (2+1), NON A/C Seater Push Back (2+2), NON A/C Seater Puch Back (2+2), NON A/C Sleeper (2+1), NON A/C Semi Sleeper (2+2), NON A/C Seater PushBack (2+2), NON A/C Airbus (2+2), Bharat Benz A/C Sleeper (2+1), ULTRA DELUXE, NON A/C Seater Push Back (2+1), Volvo Multi-Axle A/C Semi Sleeper (2+2), Scania A/C Seater (2+2), Multi-Axle A/C Semi Sleeper (2+2), Luxura A/C Sleeper (2+1), NON A/C Push Back (2+2), NON A/C Seater (2+2), A/C Seater / Sleeper (2+1), NON A/C Seater / Sleeper (2+1), Volvo A/C B11R Multi Axle Semi Sleeper (2+2), Mercedes Multi-Axle Semi Sleeper (2+2), A/C Seater (2+2), NON A/C Sleeper (1+2), Volvo A/C Seater (2+2), CLASSIC, Capella A/C Sleeper (2+1), Volvo A/C Multi-Axle Semi Sleeper (2+2), A/C Seater Push Back (2+2), Mercedes Benz Multi-Axle A/C Sleeper (2+1), etc. Book Now

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