Rajkot Vijayawada Jet Airways Flights

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Rajkot to Vijayawada Jet Airways Flights

Rajkot(RAJ) to Vijayawada(VGA) Jet Airways Flights Schedule

Jet Airways
 06:45 Rajkot, RAJ
11h 0m
 17:45 Vijayawada, VGA
Jet Airways
 12:00 Rajkot, RAJ
19h 30m
 07:30 Vijayawada, VGA
Jet Airways
 06:40 Rajkot, RAJ
11h 5m
 17:45 Vijayawada, VGA
Jet Airways
 06:45 Rajkot, RAJ
7h 30m
 14:15 Vijayawada, VGA
Jet Airways
 12:10 Rajkot, RAJ
9h 5m
 21:15 Vijayawada, VGA
Jet Airways
 11:50 Rajkot, RAJ
9h 20m
 21:10 Vijayawada, VGA
Jet Airways
 12:10 Rajkot, RAJ
19h 20m
 07:30 Vijayawada, VGA

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Jet Airways Information

Airline Contact Information
  • Airline Code 9W
  • Phone Number +91 11 3989 3333

Rajkot (RAJ) to Vijayawada (VGA) Jet Airways flights also serves

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Vijayawada (VGA) to Rajkot (RAJ) Jet Airways flights also serves

Rajkot Guntur Jet Airways Flights

Guntur is approx 54 kms from Vijayawada (VGA)

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Rajkot Kakinada Jet Airways Flights

Kakinada is approx 199 kms from Vijayawada (VGA)

Rajkot Ongole Jet Airways Flights

Ongole is approx 172 kms from Vijayawada (VGA)

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Hotels near Vijayawada Airport, Vijayawada

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Popular attractions in Vijayawada

  • Kondapalli Fort

    Located in Kondapalli village, which is about 16 kilometres from Vijayawada, Kondapalli Fort is one of the most renowned tourist attractions. The fort dates back to 14th century and has served many dynasties ruling the region. It has three entrance gates with the main gate named as Dargha Darwaza.

  • Mogalarajapuram Caves

    Mogalarajapuram Caves, situated near Vijayawada is well-known for the three cave temples and is said to be as old as 5th century AD. One of the three cave temples carries an .......

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