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Airlines flying to Pondicherry include Air India.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • S

    Are there any direct flights from Delhi to Pondicherry?


    Dear Guest , Delhi to pondicherry direct flights no Replied by purpleresorts pondicherry



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  • P

    Can u please tell an easy way to go from Villupuram to Pondicherry?  I have 4 luggage, so looking for an easy way.


    go by train


    Villupuram and Pondy are very well connected by both train, bus etc. But since you have luggage, you can hire a taxi, if you can afford it. Its approx. 40 kms.


    take a cab

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  • N

    How to reach Pondicherry from Bangalore?


    Nicky there is one train from bangalore anf also y9u can book bus for Pondicherry from bengaluru.


    Route taken: BLR-Krishnagiri-Vellore-Arcot (bypass)-Cheyyar (bypass)-Vandavasi (bypass)-Tindivanam (bypass)-Pondicherry Date: 29th Sept Start Time from Bangalore (HSR Layout): 7 AM End Time at Pondicherry (Auroville Visitor Center): 1 PM Total Distance: 380 KM Total Time: 6 hours Break: 30 mins at Aryabhavan at Vellore. Pondicherry-Bangalore Route taken: Pondicherry-Tindivanam (bypass)-Vandavasi (bypass)-Cheyyar (bypass)-Arcot (bypass)-Vellore-Krishnagiri-BLR Date: 2nd Oct Start Time from Pondicherry (Auroville Visitor Center): 11 AM End Time at Bangalore (HSR Layout): 5:50 PM Total Distance: 380 KM Total Time: 5:50 hours Break: 40 mins at Aryabhavan at Vellore. Let me illustrate the route now. 1. Take the Hosur Road and head to Krishnagiri. It’s a good hour and half journey from Electronics City toll (down ramp). 2. Take a left. 3. Just after taking this left you will see a sign to go right for Pondicherry. This is a very bad road. Though its 80 kms shorter than the route I took, it will take much longer time to cover in addition to the rattling your bones and suspension will go through. Very bad roads. 4. Not taking the right as mentioned above, head straight to Vellore. It’s a six lane. Brilliant condition. A lot of diversions though due to construction going on at the moment. When I say a diversion, it’s not a detour but single lanes created for vehicles alongside the under-construction site on the main highway. 5. After about 100 kms you will hit a toll, (there will be two tolls in this area with each asking for 65 INR if I remember correctly) and keep going straight.  6. Just about here, keep a check on the right hand side of the road. You will spot a HP petrol pump along with a café coffee day and Aryabhavan. If you want you can take a pit stop here because as mentioned in an earlier post this is a fine eating place. 7. In case you want to stop here, you will have go straight further down and take a U-turn to come to the other side. U-turn when coming to the other side to Aryabhavan and when leaving Aryabhavan to come to your route will not be far to spot. 8. A special note I would like to mention here is that depending on your time of arrival at Aryabhavan, do try out the lunch meal if they are serving. Its 70 bucks and yum!  9. After the break, take again a U-turn and you will back on route. Keep going straight. After crossing Vellore and you will see boards of Arcot directing to your right. Ignore that and go straight. 10. After a while you will start seeing boards of Ranipet. Just after that you will hit a bi-fork (a Y junction). Take the left side. 11. This will take you to the arcot bridge over a dry river bed. Your aim is to come to the other side. So take a U turn after crossing the river bed and come back. Just after the bridge ends, take the first left. This is the bypass road alongside the dry river bed. It’s a two lane but decent condition. Minimal traffic. 12. At the end of the road, you will hit a T-junction where you will see a board pointing to Tindivanam towards left. Take that. Good roads, two-lane but almost no traffic. 13. Now you will be heading to Cheyyar. Just before hitting a town you will see another bi-fork. Take the right lane (will be marked as a bypass). Go straight, there will be a crossing, keep going straight. At the end of the road, you will hit a bridge over a river bed. Just after the bridge take a left at the T-junction to head to Vandavasi.  14. Keep following the road, till you hit a small bridge which almost ends into a T-junction. Take the road on the right as this is the Vandavasi bypass road. This road again hits a T-junction at the end from where you have to take a left. 15. Go straight and you will start seeing some outskirt markets in Vandavasi. That is because you have bypassed the town and reached the other side. Straight ahead you will also see a bridge. Don’t take that, turn right instead. Now you are heading towards the last town before Pondicherry, i.e. Tindivanam. 16. Just before you hit Tindivanam, you can take a left on the college road as illustrated by post #453. This road takes you to a railway bridge after which you hit the main Chennai highway.  17. Right where you hit the main highway you will see a divider cut for you to go to the other side and take a right. Keep following the highway. 18. You will see a flyover. Do not get onto it, but rather take left which takes you to Pondicherry. Again 6 lane and excellent roads. 19. Just when you are able to see the Pondicherry toll gates in a distance you will see a cut in the left. This left takes you to the auroville road and gets you to the other side on ECR. 20. Make your choice as to which side on Pondicherry you would want to enter from. I would recommend the auroville road because you avoid a lot of traffic inside the Pondicherry. While coming back we took exactly the same route. The only thing that you have to adjust to is the arcot bridge detour (#11 above). On your way back, you don’t have to follow anything similar. After the bypass running along the dry river bed hits a crossing, you will see two possible lefts that can be taken. One is the extreme left and the other one is more of a left which is ahead of the extreme left (hope I am able to explain). Take this one, and you are on your way to Vellore.

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  • R

    How much time will it take to go to Paradise Beach from Pondycherry Railway Station?


    half an hour ..


    15-20 mins

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  • S

    Anyone please suggest good taxi for Pondicherry to Chennai Airport ?


    rajabharathy travels.


    Take A Volvo Instead It Works Out Cheaper

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BLR Bangalore PNY Pondicherry
  • Distance 164 kms
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Weather in Pondicherry

WED FEB 08 2017

29.02ºC  20.84ºC

Clear throughout the day.

0% chance of precipitation

THU FEB 09 2017

28.32ºC  20.79ºC

Clear throughout the day.

0% chance of precipitation

FRI FEB 10 2017

28.04ºC  20.79ºC

Partly cloudy in the morning.

0% chance of precipitation

SAT FEB 11 2017

28.31ºC  20.9ºC

Partly cloudy in the morning.

0% chance of precipitation

SUN FEB 12 2017

27.97ºC  21.44ºC

Partly cloudy until afternoon.

0% chance of precipitation

MON FEB 13 2017

29.29ºC  22.23ºC

Partly cloudy in the morning.

0.0127% chance of precipitation

TUE FEB 14 2017

28.91ºC  24.24ºC

Drizzle in the morning and breezy starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening.

0.0838% chance of precipitation

WED FEB 15 2017

29.35ºC  23.36ºC

Clear throughout the day.

0% chance of precipitation

THU FEB 16 2017

31.27ºC  22.36ºC

Clear throughout the day.

0% chance of precipitation

FRI FEB 17 2017

31.35ºC  21.98ºC

Clear throughout the day.

0% chance of precipitation

SAT FEB 18 2017

29.26ºC  22.23ºC

Mostly cloudy starting in the evening.

0% chance of precipitation

SUN FEB 19 2017

28.48ºC  24.66ºC

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

0% chance of precipitation

MON FEB 20 2017

28.96ºC  24.6ºC

Partly cloudy throughout the day.

0% chance of precipitation

TUE FEB 21 2017

28.61ºC  25.6ºC

Partly cloudy until afternoon.

0% chance of precipitation

WED FEB 22 2017

28.27ºC  25.47ºC

Partly cloudy until afternoon.

0% chance of precipitation

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Popular attractions in Pondicherry

  • Arikamedu

    Located at a distance of 7 kms from Pondicherry is Arikamedu. It is one of the architectural marvels situated in a place where Mortimer Wheeler conducted his best known excavation. Arikamedu is also known as Arikan-medu or Poduke which literally means eroding mound.

  • Pondicherry museum

    The Pondicherry museum houses some splendid collections of statuettes and is situated in the Bharathi Park. This beautiful museum has an...

  • French War Memorial

    Located on the Goubert Avenue, the French War Memorial is dedicated to those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country during World War I. It was built in 1971 and is located opposite to the Gandhi statue.

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